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The lost grove souls and gemstone dragon souls. I have killed 2 535 gemstone dragons on task only at 120 slayer with 1 soul captured what drives me really crazy.

And champion challenge scrolls.

Thank you.

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Big Storms
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Mod Timbo said:
1/625 chance (or 1/145 chance with the Master Camouflage outfit or Tier 3 luck) to obtain Scepter of the Gods only from the engraved sarcophagus in the 8th room of Pyramid Plunder.

Might want to update this since Mod Shauny checked this after the latest winter weekend (with people confused as to why most get the scepter drop after 100 runs despite their drop rate supposedly being double).

Turns out the drop rate with tier 3 luck or the outfit is only 1/480, with the drop rate
during the winter weekend being 1/188 provided you wore a tier 3 luck ring or the thieving set.
People want to use these numbers as an indication of the time they need to invest on average to get a certain drop and if it is worth it. I gave up during this weekend on the sceptre since I (among others) became confused with the apparent lack of people getting the sceptre below 100 runs, thinking the weekend did not stack and I was better off outside it. Given the new knowledge this Monday with (hopefully) the actual drop rate numbers I probably would have chosen differently.

If anything I suggest spending a week on rerunning other drop rates stated here as well instead of adding new ones: prefer quality over quantity.
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Law Rencium said:
Can we have the chances for invention perks please?

I'd like to know this as well, and also how does your invention level affect the chances of certain combination perks such as [ Biting 2 + Venomblood ] vs [ Biting 2 + Cautious ] for example.
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