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10 HP Metif

10 HP Metif

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I'm curious to know how the armor and weapons given to you at the start of a Complexity 1 dungeon are chosen.
For example my current stats are: 47 ranged, 59 magic, 50 defence.
I pretty much always get tier 20 armor and weapons.

Am i screwed over by choosing to attempt dungeoneering when my stats are too high?
I would need to be lucky enough to get a lvl 1 shieldbow and t50 magic top & legs to be able to clear a c1 dungeon.

17-Sep-2018 21:58:45

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I have no leaves on any tree in runescape i haven't changed a thing in the game graphics or my computer and all drivers are updated this happened 2 weeks ago

would a moderator please help this is bloody annoying paying for somthing that is not working properly
we resolve to endeavour to perservere

01-Oct-2018 21:00:59

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So... we have the info on drop rates for the Chaos Elemental here, and the info on drop rates for Revenants here. However, the explanation for the Chaos Elemental doesn't reveal information on rates for Brawling Gloves or statuette-type items (which the Revenant explanation does include). Can we get the rates for these?

Edit: Also, it's stated that the total chance of getting an actual piece of Ancient Warrior's equipment once actually on the table is 44/224, with a 1/224 chance at any specific piece, which adds up correctly with the given rates for the filler drops. However, excluding corrupt dragon, there are 34 pieces of gear; including corrupt dragon, there are 45. So... something's not quite right there!
Remember: there's no such thing as the Universal Standard of Descriptional Qualifications and Metric*

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Casket Quest
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Casket Quest

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Greetings Dev team, i would like to know if we can get master clues via buying elite clues from the Clue scroll shop.
If we had a 1% chance of getting them it would greatly help me towards my goal.

08-Dec-2018 21:04:34

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