Dungeoneering map improvement

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Saphire said:
This would completely de-value thousands of peoples very hard work and make Dungeoneering completely pointless.

The idea behind Dungeoneering is so it can train your brain and require your concentration/focus, you need to work together as a team and memorize what doors are what, it's the entire point.

Jagex don't make Dungeoneering a joke to the 18,902 players that have 120 Dungeoneering.

hehehe you're funny...

I support enhanced mapping being worked into the dungeoneering code. Why? because 3rd part programs already do most of the things described here for you.(never used, don't trust 3rd party stuff)

So for those who think that high end "dungeon divers" are somehow smarter or better than the average person see my earlier remark. 3rd party programs.

Dungeoneering as a skill is a mess, we know it, jagex knows it and our ancestors digging up our remains might know this too. We learned to deal with it. We grind through the floors, get our capes and slayer tools and get outta Daemonheim.
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13-Jul-2017 19:24:21

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