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I don't get how the first number works.

you say it's 4 ticks per log on ivy, so does that mean it's 6 ticks per essence when mining.

The rs wiki says it's 3 ticks for every 2 essence. I thought everything was equal chances.

This also means mining real ore is worse chances then seren stones or essence. The longer the action, better your chances it would seem.

Edit: Not thinking good atm. It's 1.5 ticks for every essence. How much ticks per ore is it when you mine, and if someone steals your ore does it lose out your chances ?

You know those times when you are mining and the ore is gone. Should I let my character continue mining or just move to another rock. I never could understand how the skil pets worked in that regard.

Edit again: Sorry, I know I have a lot of questions about the time based skill pets. Another time I'm not sure of is in bonfire making for firemaking pet. At the very last moment when your character stands there after a log is burnt, does that count as a chance for the pet too?

I always burn the rest of logs then, but it's kind of sad if this is also a chance, just wondering..

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Na te said:
So how does (840 / 30) * (120 + 200) / 50,000,000 convert to 14/78,125? I got 0.0001792. Any more explaining would help.

I'll try to help

1) count number of zeros after the decimal. There is 7 therefore your number is 10,000,000. You just add the number of zeros after a 1 past the decimals.

2) put that weird decimal number of 0.0001792 over a 1 (like a fraction)

3)multiply both by 10,000,000. The weird decimal by 10,0000,000 and the 1 on the bottom.

4) now that you got your fraction the hard part comes in. You have to find the largest number that divides into both of those.

eg. 50/100 - largest number that goes into both is 50 so it would be 1/2. You can see why it's harder because these are huge numbers XD

idk if this helps or not

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