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Fat N Wacky said:
Mod Timbo said:
What we will not be doing is listing every single method for every single skill; the only cases in which we explicitly prohibit Skilling Pets from being obtained are typically temporary events and Treasure Hunter items such as proteans and dummies (although sometimes exceptions are made, like with 2017 Christmas XP activities).

Just to be clear -- If I'm training Divination at the Incandescent Colony but using an Elder Divination outfit and an aura* (additional to other non-MTX boosts), am I eligible to be awarded Willow?

*I'm pretty sure auras don't count as MTX, but a case could be made for it. So, I thought I'd just mention that I'm using them, too, for the sake of clarity.

As the method is obtaining incandescent energy, it counts fer Willow. I had the outfit when I got Willow, and I dinnae believe stuff like equipment is taken intae account

16-Dec-2017 12:52:09

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