Leprechaun Composting Patches

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Can we please get a better update to allow us too pick what farming patches the leprechaun
composts for you?

Like for instance, i use ultra compost on my herbs and allotment patchs, and pay him too do so,
but when it comes too flower patch, because i pay him too ultra compost my herbs/allotments, when i go too plant a new Limpwurt Root in the flower patch... He will use ultra composts on that as well.... which is ridiculously expensive when ultra compost is around 10k a bucket.... and even with Ultra compost you still get only 3 Limpwurt Roots per flower patch...
When super or normal compost would work, just as well and save you GP....

So, can we get PLEASE an update too this function that gives us the option of paying and picking what farming patches, he composts with what? Like if you wanted only Ultra compost on your Herbs, Tree's and Fruit Tree patches, and regular compost or super compost on your allotment, and flower patches... etc.

08-Mar-2019 01:38:29

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