Panic breathing?

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It is a minor concern to most probably, but I wish the characters would breathe in a more relaxed and natural manner. If you havent noticed the characters breathe from their shoulders, therefore making them look like they are stressed out.
So I would suggest change the breathing-mechanics of the characters to make them look chill (instead of stressed out).
Thank you.

14-May-2018 11:51:43

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I admit they look like they didn't take the lessons in school for proper breathing technique for singing but they look far from stressed out.

I think it looks pretty good, considering the quality of graphics we are talking about.
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14-May-2018 23:06:57

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How would you breathe if you have all that armor on and you decide to go fish, then chop a tree, then start to cook that fish, all whilst impending doom could be just around the corner. XD
Nah, i get your point, but characters would be stressed out tough, considering all the stuff we put them through.

14-Jun-2018 14:41:23

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