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RSN? Dreamtime
Combat level?138
What clan are you in? Special
Previous Clans?n/a
Have you been in any other Minigames Friends Chat and what are the fc names?n/a
Have you ever played Castle Wars? Yes, awhile ago
Are you aiming for the trimmed completionist requirement? Yes
If not, what are you aiming for?
Why pick us? (if someone referred you - name of the user!) - I like organisation
Time zone?AEST
Do you accept all the rules and the consequences if you were to break a rule?Yes
Describe 1 of the rules and why it is important?Don't use someones name in power.
Will you bump our thread? BUMP!
Will you be using our Discord? Affirmative
Who is one of the staff/owners of the FC? Dazza Mate
Describe something under 'Important Must Read'?Please be respectful of the players permanently losing, these players are all aiming for 5k games, and because of them this is possible.
Describe something about our Warning System?After 3 Warning you will be removed from games and not be allowed back in.
Sign your RSN if you agree: Dreamtime
I accept that I may removed from the FC if I become inactive.

10-Apr-2018 15:07:51

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