Castle Wars FC: Cwar United V2

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RSN? Cryinghawke
What clan are you in? Zamorak Cult
Timezone? (GMT+#) +2(tel-aviv time)
How did you find out about our friends chat? Who is your referal if any? From a friend "Zamorak soul"
Have you joined any other minigames related friends chats? If so, which ones? minigame fc
What are your goals from castle wars and our friends chat? get profound set
Do you plan to play CW only during spotlights? For the most part
What are the roles a coordinator can assign you for our games? any that you need and will help me get to profound. I don't mind taking one for the team every now and then.
Are you willing to join our discord server and/or create an account to join it? I am on your discord.
Who is a staff member in our friends chat? "Noob King"
Describe one of our Rules. No drama.
Will you bump our thread? I don't come on the forums much but I can try.
I understand that I must add the friends chat, Cwar united, to my friends list and may be PMed to join our games when the current game is under 10 players or in need of people to start the game. I must post in channel #applied-what-now on discord, that i applied on forums. Sign your RSN: Cryinghawke.
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Peace through balance,
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09-Oct-2018 11:35:34

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