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: Our Corporals are players who have been given the authority to assist in running games. These are entrusted players who are familiar with the rules and help to enforce them. These ranks are required to be present in-game once every 3 months.

: Our Lieutenants are players that have proven themselves in-game as capable, dependable, and knowledgeable. Because of this, we have given them the authority to kick players that are breaking the rules from the official Fast Sc friends chat. These ranks are required to be present in-game once each month.

: Our Captains are players that have proven themselves in-game as reliable, consistent, and resourceful. Because of this, we have given them the authority to run the official 456 friends chats while they play. These ranks are required to be present in-game on a weekly basis.

: A Captain who has proven their loyalty and dedication to the clan through their actions may eventually be promoted to General. They go above and beyond what is asked of them, are approachable and carry themselves in a manner that complements the clan as a whole. Patience, understanding, maturity and sensibility are important virtues that we look for in a General.

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If you want to become ranked, just follow these simple steps:

1. BE NICE! We do not want to rank players with sour attitudes or foul mouths. We want ranks that are approachable, friendly, and helpful to their fellow players!

2. FOLLOW ALL THE RULES – this one speaks for itself.

3. KNOW THE RULES AND HELP THOSE WHO DO NOT – prove you know how our clan works by helping new players or those who accidentally break rules.

4. CALL AND SHARE CLAY – we expect our leaders to be examples in this regard.

5. PLAY OFTEN – the more you play, the more likely you'll get noticed by our ranks and mentioned in leader reports!

6. FILL OUT AN APPLICATION – we are always looking for players who share the same love of Stealing Creation as well as wanting to help games run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If you believe that you fit this description, refer to posts 3.3 and 3.4 and fill out an application!

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We would like to look at a pool of prospective ranks that show interest in helping us run the clan. However, simply filling out an application does not guarantee a rank. It must be earned and can only be earned through observation of your conduct by current ranks.

: If you are currently banned from playing with our clan, or if you have repeatedly attempted to disrupt our games or chat in the past, it is likely that your application will be rejected.

Please take the time to fill out our short application in post 3.4 and a member of our Admin team will contact you in-game for follow-up instructions. Remember to have your PM set to 'on' or add the current Admin members listed in post 1.3 so we may be able to contact you.

After the application has been processed, our ranks will take note of prospective Corporals and send us their comments for up to two weeks. We will then make our decision and contact you again to inform you of the result, whether good or bad.

If your application is not accepted, don't be disheartened! We will explain what we feel was lacking, give you pointers on how you can improve, and you will be more than welcome to submit another application in four weeks time, should you feel you're ready. If you'd like further feedback on how you're doing, feel free to PM a member of our Admin team at any time, and we'd be glad to help out.

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Hi! Thank you for showing interest in becoming a rank with Fast Sc. :) Please take the time to fill out this short application and a member of our Admin team will contact you in-game for follow-up instructions. Remember to have your PM 'on' or add all the current Admin members listed on post 1.3.

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.:: Corporal Rank Application ::.

1. Please list previous display names within the past 6 months:

2. How often do you play with us?

3. Are you aware of the rank obligations associated with this and other ranks?

4. Why did you decide to apply?

5. Did anyone refer you to apply? If so who?

6. Why do you think you would make a good rank?

7. Are you interested in being a rank higher than Corporal?

8. Please confirm that you are aware that you will need to fill out reports while on your observational trial.

9. Please confirm your PM is on, or you have added all the members of our Admin team.

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1. Be polite NO MATTER WHAT. Even if you are performing Anti-Pking duties or sitting someone, always have an approachable attitude.

2. Please help others by sharing clay and tools. Remember: 'Sharing is caring!'

3. COMMUNICATE with your fellow ranks in the fc and non-rank hosts about sits, how long you are playing (please give a 1-2 game warning before leaving in PM), etc.

4. Be helpful in the chat, remind players of the rules, and refer them here if necessary.

5. Play games clan side at all times.

6. Announce the next game's starting fc several times before a game ends. Please make every effort to not leave any players behind.

7. If we are low on players and you wish to play, please go recruit in worlds 45 or 62 instead of just giving up. Keep in mind that this may also bring pkers into games.

8. Select an Anti-Pk team consisting of trusted and reliable players. Higher level players are required so that they are able to perform Anti-Pking duties when necessary. Inform the Anti-Pk team to keep all armour and weapons in inventory until needed.

9. Fill out leader reports after every set of games you play. If you are inactive for too long, your rank will be lowered or removed.

10. Be active on the forum thread and attempt to read it daily. Refer new players to it if they have any questions.

11. If you are having a bad day, take a break from the game for however long you need to refresh yourself.

12. As long as you are a rank in this clan you will not be allowed to use an account name that is in bad taste. We also will not allow a name that is nearly identical to another rank's as this causes confusion for everyone. If unsure, please check with Admin.

13. Please continue to perform with the same leader qualities that earned you a rank in the first place. Failure to do so will result in your rank being removed without warning.

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14. If you come to a game when another rank is already there, please defer to how they are running it at the time. Do not make fc or procedure changes right away because that can cause confusion among players and discord between leaders. If you have a disagreement over procedures with another leader, take it to PM or ask a General or Owner if we are online.

15. As a rank you are a representative of this clan. We will not tolerate any behaviour, such as disrupting other clans or using your rank to gain unfair favour or trust outside of SC, that could tarnish our reputation. This includes, but is not limited to, asking non-ranks repeatedly for money (gifts or lends), advertising our clan in other non-combat SC clans, or pking other non-combat SC clans. Behaviour that reflects badly on our clan may result in your rank being removed permanently and without warning.


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1. Be in the Fast Sc friends chat when possible to help leaders answer questions, remind players of rules, and help clear the starting fc's. Do not become a distraction in the chat and do not contradict the decisions of the rank that is present at the games. If you believe they are doing something wrong, talk to them about it in private chat. In the end, the leader AT the game makes the final decision. If you believe that they were making a serious mistake, feel free to talk to any of the Generals but only AFTER you have discussed it with the other leader.

2. ALWAYS CONFIRM any report of rule breaking. Do NOT kick anyone on the word of another player. Give 2 verbal warnings before removing anyone from the game. Only after the 3rd offence should they be kicked. The exception to this rule is 'deliberate pking, seriously offensive language and/or continual disruptive behaviour'.

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Please use this leader report template when posting games here. This template is to be used only by Fast Sc ranks.

For ranks that are members of our official cc, please post your reports in the relevant section of our official clan forum.

• • • • • •


Number of Games:

Ranks Present in Fast Sc:

'Smileys' Present in Games:

Helpful Players:



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The main thing to keep in mind for Smileys is that it is NOT a position of authority nor is it a stepping stone to a higher rank. It is simply a symbol that this player is a 'trusted host'. In the event that the fc is left 'rankless' (i.e. no Generals, Captains, Lieutenants or Corporals are in the chat), games will run smoothly under their leadership.


Communicating about hosting duties in PM is vital. It is through PM that we organize host changes, who to sit for a game, and other important information that keeps our games safe, fun, and efficient.

Because of limited friends list space, Smileys will turn over much more quickly than star ranks. We will have few spaces available for this position, especially if our number of active ranks grows, so Smiley activity will be monitored closely. This is why another section will be included in our leader reports: 'Smileys present'.

This is a purely volunteer position. If a Captain believes someone has been a helpful and trustworthy host, they may ask them if they would be interested in this position. This could be as simple as 'Thanks for your help hosting today! Mind if I recommend you for a Smiley?' ... and then, of course, explaining what that is if they haven't read this thread (see the 'Smiley Expectations' in the following post).

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What this

Smileys should be willing to communicate with ranks in PM during their time in games.
Smileys should be familiar with the rules of our clan and follow them at all times.
Smileys should be familiar with hosting procedures and follow them.
Smileys should be okay with being PMed to take over hosting if necessary.

What this does

Does NOT mean Smileys always have to host every time a rank asks.
Does NOT mean Smileys is a requirement to be given a higher rank in the clan.
Does NOT mean Smileys have leadership responsibilities to the clan.
Does NOT mean Smileys can monitor the fc or be off-world in the fc.

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