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25-Nov-2016 11:19:31

Kalea Sprite

Kalea Sprite

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Cleric Rohan said:
Oh come on! Spam is mindless clutter, not people supporting the OP for his diligent commitment to providing players with valuable information that they use every day!

I'd say it's highly relevant to what the thread is for and encourages others to use it too. It keeps it current and popular so others are more likely to find it.

There's a bunch of such threads that have just 'profiled' on them and no thanks at all. Are they contributing to the thread they're on? You gonna hide all those posts too?

Pfft! :@
Yah, seems strange that "bump" or "profile" is not spam while the mere offering of appreciation and thanks to 0vertime is somehow a ghastly crime. Such thank you posts also bump this highly useful thread.

One might come to suspect that it is because they are jealous of the overwhelming gratitude 0vertime receives :P

0vertime said:
Combo for Monday, November 28th:

Slot 1:

Lava (Air 27, Mind 29, Body 26)

Slot 2:

Mist (Body 28, Water 19)
Smoke (Water 24, Fire 25)

Slot 3:


milluple tyvms 0vertime !
Something interesting happened.

28-Nov-2016 04:53:56

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