Castle Wars FC: Cwar United

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King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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RSN: King Bibbler

Combat Level: 138

What Clan are you in?: Maxed

Previous Clans?: Mining Golds, Anarchy Dogs

Time Zone: EST (GMT-5)

How did you find out about our FC?: Found this thread perusing the minigames forums in search of efficient ways to do trim reqs. Nobody referred me.

Have you joined any other minigames related friends chats? If so, which ones?: Nope

Have you played Castle Wars?: Yes, although it has been a long time

What is the reason you decided to join our Friends Chat? I am looking for an efficient way to complete my Castle Wars trimmed comp cape requirement

What are your goals from Castle Wars? Complete the trimmed comp req efficiently

What are the roles a coordinator can assign you for our games? AFK Team, Losing to winning team

Are you willing to join our discord server and/or create an account to join it?: Sure

Who is a staff of our friends chat? Salve eel

What Rank(s) is a Staff Rank?(Hint: NOT staff roles): General+

Describe one of our rules: Rule #6, Listen to all rank calls (if you disapprove talk to a gold star rank)

Will you bump our thread?: Certainly

I understand that I must add the friends chat, Cwar united, to my friends list and might be PMed to join our main games from time to time for when the current game is under 10 players or in need of people to start the game.
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~King Bibbler

12-Dec-2017 06:47:32

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