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If you are looking for the friend chat: ''Soulobby'': .

This thread talks about items that are of interest to
, It used to have a different main purpose, so there are many unused posts.

Table of Contents:
(click the post number for a quick hop)

02 = Help! I'm new to Menaphos

03 = Soul Obelisks

04 = How do I quickly world hop without using the lobby?

05 = For quicker world hops, set a Keybind

07 = How do I find my own obby?

10 = What else is in Menaphos?


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Players that are new to Menaphos:

You must have Menaphos access to utilize the Soul Obelisks (obby). There are many guides / wiki, for obtaining access to Menaphos (
The Jack of Spades
quest), therefore it's not discussed here.

Now that you can access Menaphos, you have now figured out that Reputation is needed, and a lot of it. When you do specific skills, at skilling locations in Menaphos you earn XP in that skill and a small amount of Reputation.

Before you will earn Reputation in Menaphos, you must pick which of the four factions (districts), you'd like to align to. You can change this as often as you like. Right click one of the four district icons, in the Menaphos window that appears on your screen while inside Menaphos. Set the district as Active Faction. Now when you earn reputation, from any source, it will be applied to that faction.

Menaphos Icon screen

Right click a District's (Faction's) icon

(Left) click the Menaphos' icon, to open Reputation Overview, or any District's icon to open that Tab, in the Reputation Overview. This gives the rewards that are earned as you progress through the Tiers, from T-1 towards T-10

Reputation Overview

Tier : Reputation Needed

: 0 (everyone starts here)

: 6,000 (Bank Deposit Box unlocked)

: 90,000 (Bank Deposit Box, becomes a full fledged bank)

: 177,000 (Skilling boost)

: 300,000 (Carpet pet unlocked)

These are total reputation needed, per Faction

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Periodically, a Game Messsage will appear that says: ''A soul obelisk has spawned in the ______ district of Menaphos!''; Soul Obelisks are a dangerous activity. AFK is not recommended. If you die, you will visit Death's office, or respawn in the area around the Menaphos Lodestone.

Obelisk locations

erchant is just west of the Shifting Tomb Building (STB).
orkers is Northeast of the STB, at the entrance to Worker's District.
mperial is just southwest of the STB.
orts is the odd district. Go west from the STB to the clearing at the end of the road.

When you find an Obby, click it. The colors of your screen may appear muted, you begin to 'pray', and you receive a token amount of Runecrafting and Prayer experience (if you have the minimum levels needed), and Reputation. Oh yes, you also take damage.

--- Tips and Info ---

Right-clicking the obby allows you to check YOUR progress towards the daily cap. It counts down. This is not the time till the obby dies.

If you disconnect or world hop while your screen colors are muted, they may stay muted. One way to fix this, is to click on another obby, and then click off of it

As with combat, if you put your food on the EOC bar, eating food will not interrupt your obbying

The Seer's tasks, (enhanced) Excalibur heals (40) 20% of your total life points. This can be done, once every five minutes. This is an excellent substitute for food. The ''For Camelot'' you may see, is Excalibur being activated. Excalibur may also be placed on the EOC bar, and right-click activated from there

Right click on the Shifting Tomb Building for faster district travels

You will earn 85 Reputation every five seconds

The Daily Cap from Obbies is 20,000 Reputation, it resets at 00:00. Using the VIP Desert Pantheon Aura you can gain 10% more

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World Hopping
is required to find your own Soul Obelisk, so using the chat in post one, is highly suggested.

There are many ways to change worlds quickly, such as:

Hit the Escape key (note 1), select Hop Worlds, pick your new world, and confirm it (note 3).
In Pictures this is:

Hit Escape Key (see note 1),

Select Hop Worlds

Pick your new world, it will highlight when moused-over

Confirm your new world

(double) Right Click the game map icon, located on the mini-map. Select: Open World Select, pick your new world, and confirm it (note 3).
Game Map Icon

Right click a name on the Clan , Friends Chat Info, or the Friend's List. Select Join. You will automatically be taken to that world (if possible). The order of your icons will be different, and they may be in different windows on the screen.

Clan, Friend Chat Info, Friend's List

Right click a name, select Join


Note 1
: If your Toggle of your Chat's Always On mode, is ON (for easiest chatting) as seen here:

Then you will need to hit the Escape key, twice. If the toggle is OFF, as seen here:

then you will only need to hit the Escape key, once

note 2
: Certain worlds have requirements to enter that world, and if you don't have the requirements, the game may put you in the lobby, may kick you out entirely, or may simply put you back into your current world

note 3
: In the World Select settings, you may set: no confirmation required

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World Hopping continued

You may set a
(set a hotkey) to open the World Select screen.

To do this:
Click Options Menu (settings) icon, Controls, set the Keybind for Open World Select.

In Pictures:
Click Options Menu icon

Select Controls

Use the Scroll bar (wheel) and scroll to the very bottom

In the left column, seven up from the bottom, is Open World Select

Click in the box, where I have ''Ctrl + 1'', and type the key, or key combination, that you will use to Change Worlds.

Remember the All Chat, Always-On mode, must be OFF, for most keybinds to work.

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How to find an Obby


Enlarge the minimap so that when you use the Shifting Tomb Building to switch districts, you can see the entire district.

The methods are different for the Nxt and Old Client.


You do not have to move from the STB.

This is the easier of the two, once you know what to look for on the minimap.

Although you can swivel your view horizontally and vertically and look for the actual obby, you can also just keep your view fixed. Click the minimap compass for the North view. Keep the view all the way up (so the buildings don't block the view of the ground). Scarabs can be seen this way.

On the Minimap, look for the grey 'shadow' of the Obby. It is inside the red box, in each of these pictures. If the shadow is there, you have found an obby.

If not, Right-Click the STB and switch districts, and look for the shadow. Repeat as needed.





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How to find an Obby, continued

Old Client

In the old client, the Obelisks do not cast a shadow on the mini-map, thus you have to swivel your display to look for the actual obby.

They fall in the same spot on the game map, so you can use the above images as a guide.


Obby spawns southwest of the STB


Obby spawns west of the STB


This is the odd district. After emerging from the STB, you must run west, towards the clearing at the end of the road. Put your view down low, and aim it west, gives a good view as the obby comes into sight.


Obby spawns Northeast of the STB

Legacy Worlds

Given the additional time it takes to switch into a Legacy world, the round non-adjustable minimap, the time to switch back to an EOC world (and adjust the Game Settings)...

Many Legacy worlds do not get hunted. They would be done just like the EOC Old Client method.

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Other Menaphos items that are often discussed. The Wiki has much more detailed information.

What Can We Find In Menaphos?

- Like Obbies, these randomly appear in Menaphos and are NOT a safe activity.. They are in each district, outside the Shifting Tomb Building, in the mine of the Workers district, and outside the slayer dungeon at the south end of Sophenam's buildings. Click on these, and they pop. For squishing them, you will be rewarded with: damage and Slayer experience. Level 3s: these are for you. Everyone else, may find the Slayer xp to be very worth your while. Scarabs last a maximum of five minutes

- these last a maximum of seven and a half minutes

Corrupted Egg
- this is the Menaphos Scorpion Pet. After the first person eligible to collect (touch) the egg, does so, they egg is gone. First come, first served.

Menaphos Journal
- west of the obby spot in Merchants is the Asst Librarian (has Menaphos symbol above his head). Talk to him for a Menaphos Journal (MJ). The MJ is required to log the Jewels of the Elid, Cats of Menaphos and the Insects of the Desert.

- Some cats are locked behind doors in a district. You must earn reputation in that district, to the Tier required to unlock that door. There is no other way to open the door. You may hear a call, the ___ cat is in 22p.

Gullible Tourist
- on the southwest dock in the Ports district, the Tourist might be found. This is a pick-pocket activity.

Tuai Leit gem trader
- on the same sw dock, will trade 5 Bamboo for a gem for MJ

Aminishi gem trader
- same sw dock, will trade 1 spice for a gem for MJ

riddler crab
- same sw dock, answer the riddle, for a gem for the MJ

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