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1) What is your RSN? Lindor
2) What is your Combat level? 138
3) What clan are you in? Fortress
4 ) Rate your PvP experience from 0 to 10: 6
5) Prefered combat styles (melee/range/mage)? mage
6) Why do you do warbands? For XP, PKing, Community (Can pick more than one)? in
7) Have you ever done warbands before with another FC, and if so, which ones? Wbs M8
8) If needed, are you able to scout? (We keep records on active helpers) ye, I know how to.
9) When rogues attack, it is a MUST to fight back, and not run. Will you follow this rule? ye
10) Do you plan to do warbands with us at least twice a week? will try to
11) Can you follow all rules including gear? Failing to follow this question will result in a kick and possible removal of the fc. Do you understand this question? Is abyssal vine whip cool, it is t75.
12) Will you add the WBs United account? Only if u add me back.
13) Did anyone recommend you to this FC? If referral gives them rank ups, then Danni and Coolan
14) Do you know anyone from the FC? If so, who? Slurpy girl, Danni, Coolan and RDI.
15) What timezone are you? UK Time
16) Teamspeak is now mandatory to get on, are you able to get it? (Microphone is not requirement) Yea
17) Can you bump this forum thread regularly? If the rare time occurs of me signing in on RSOF then yea.
18) Will you contact one of our trialists if your application is successful? maybe
19) Are you willing to miss out on looting some waves to attend anti-PK? if i got nothing better to do, i'll have some fun.

27-Sep-2017 12:28:45

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