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Member's Application:

Name (what would you like to be called): Pur*-nub, Rosey, Purf
Combat Level: 138
Total Level: 2400
Highest Skill and Level?: 101 Dungeoneering.. Go figure lol.
Previous Clan Experience: Admin- Clan Avatar Warden, Leader, Overseer, Organizer, Head of Clan Recruitment
If applicable, who were you recruited by?
Tj-nub! :D

Any additional information you'd like to add? Such as personal interests, favorite thing to do in real life
I'm racing for max! Let's see if I can't get 390 skill levels in two months! I'm a farm girl in real life and don't have much around me sooooo farm? :D

Position applying for: Avatar Warden
Current Clan Rank: Guest
in 3-5 sentences sum up why you believe you are best for the job: I'm on at least 10-11 hours a day. I'm always active and cap weekly, I'll do anything for the clan and Tj-nub knows my experience. And If i don't get it, imma hit him with a frying pan off my portable range next time were cooking together!

Btw, I call everyone nub :D It's runescape, it's full of newbs like Helix Fossil:)

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