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- As of now, we have recruited a lot of high level and endgame PvMers. We wish to open our clan to; mid level, social and active players! We are offering players, who wish to be social, grow within our community and learn bossing and raid mechanics, the chance to join! -

We are a close community of players, most of which having played Runescape for over 10 years.
Sixth Circle, offers a little bit of everything:
- PvM & Raids (Team raiding at least weekly)
- Skilling & events (Competitions with prize pools, monthly & Penguin runs weekly)
- Warbands & PKing (special roles assigned)
- Social aspect (Active players whom are happy to help with any questions)

What we ask from you;
- Be active and social! (This is the most important thing we ask of you)
- Runescape P2P member
- 1800+ Total level
- Capping is NOT mandatory, but we only offer competition prizes and PvM/Raid spots open to those who cap.
- No begging, asking for charity or luring.
- Join our discord, to keep up with all clan news and events

Primary world is w51, and secondary world is w12 - Avatar will usually be on either of those.

Discord invite link:
Please use your RSN in your discord name, otherwise you will be nicknamed on our server.

Runeclan link:
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06-Jan-2018 07:38:38

Aethel Wolf
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Hello there

I see that you already had a recruitment thread running around the Social & Community Clans forum, and then there were 2 more threads.

Please note that all existing clans are only allowed to maintain one thread in the entire Clan Recruitment section (not in each forum), and it should be held in a recruitment forum based on the clan requirements.

I've locked up all of the recruitment threads you created recently and left the older thread open. Make full use of it and bump if needed.

Have a good day. :)

07-Jan-2018 11:55:39

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