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Hello and welcome to the legendary soulz clan recruitment page. we are a new clan formed on 10/29/2017 by a couple of friends who are looking more towards helping teach diffrent things we have learnt over the years with the newer age community.

Server: RS3
Clan chat name: Legendary soulz
Home World: 87
Clan size: 14
we accept all levels and diffrent choices of account you prefer to play as we enjoy everything from skilling to minigames to pvm. no requirements you can be free to play or members but members is prefered as we do have a citadel already and its a great chance for those levels you wanna progress!

joining is simple. guest our clan chat or reply to this post and we will get you in asap and hope to see you soon. anymore information feel free to ask here or in clan chat :)

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Hey there, I tried joining the clan chat, but says there isnt a clan with that name, yall still going as a clan? Edit: Just realized I Posted with the wrong account xD my main is Rhaegar124

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