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The Restless Spirits

To join our clan you're required atleast 500 total level or 70 combat.

We are a Skilling/Chilling/Social/PvM clan, alittle of everything basically.

We seek those who come in peace and mean no harm to other players, we wont tolerate racism, lowlife treats, disrespecting other players or their human race.

We will do all kinds of stuff.
Events, PvM, Skilling, Questing, Chilling, Social, Treasure Trails, Distractions and Diversions, Minigames and more to come!
Does this sound interesting, feel free to join us, the choice is all yours!

Please note, that you wont need to fill up Both our Requirements in order to join.
This means, if you are Combat Level 50 and Skill Total 860, you're free to join.

Our rules are:

Respect Everyone
No Sarcasm
No Racism
No Sxism
Follow Runescape Rules
No Bullsh!* (Speaking nonsense)

The clan is an International clan, you can be from any country.
Official clan time = Game time

Citadel Tier: 2
Skill plots: Woodcutting, Mining (Stone)
Avatar Habitat: Yes, 1 avatar
Capping Mandatory: No, but we appreciate all help we can get, you will also recieve ranks faster from capping.


More information

Application form

Ranking system

Find us here:

Guest in our clan chat:
Open the Clan chat icon, click on the green dot down in the corner of that icon.
Click on the green arrow to join a guest channel. Write in the desired clan you'd like to visit as a guest. In this case: The Restless Spirits

Add Xyzy and Private Message her in game
#Hate unfair judgement
#Say NO to racism

09-Sep-2015 12:23:58

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~ - Your combat level
~ - Your skilltotal level
~ - Your timezone (so we know when we can expect to see you around)
~ - Skillcapes? Yes/No
** - Events you would like us to host/participate in
not sure
** - Are you a PvMer/Skiller/Quester?
skiller mainly

10-Sep-2015 20:49:00

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Dear Miengu

Welcome to our clan :)

Please contact one of the following Founders in our clan when you see them online via PM.

~ Xyzy
~ MistressTula
~ Sir Tainty

OR guest in our clan chat channel (The Restless Spirits) to have some1 to come and recruit you :)
#Hate unfair judgement
#Say NO to racism

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