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Response to the main posts and questions

Question 1: This is debatable for me, if the off-site would be as simple as an sub-reddit for the raid team I would personally check on it regularly. However if it was it's own site I more than likely will forget to go on it and the upkeep you guys would need to do is not worth it. So my answer is no, however if the idea is to make a sub-reddit for the team then I would say yes.

Question 2: Straight away I notice this would conflict with the current raid rules sent in place and would be unfair for some members. With the requirement of Yakamaru of using a sign would come problematic. I for one do not enjoy Divination so I do not have the level for inventory slot signs. So i am forced to use the pocket slot for the sign of death. Without analysising further why it can create problems I will stop here and say I do not think it should be added. Although possibly could do for the Beastmaster part of the raid.

I have also read the other points you brought up.

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My discussion stuff

The first thing I would like to address is the Airut waves before the Beastmaster fight. When Cormes spawns we have chargers as well as two melee spawned Airuts. Commonly these Airuts have more than once killed off some raiders as people commonly focus on the pet. However a way to counter to this is to have one person stand at each spawn of the Airuts and pray melee. This way it will counter the surprise attacks and the player who is by the spawn knows he will be targeted and potentially save someones life. Now I do not want this to become a "role" just more of an unspoken rule to decrease the chances of someone getting killed for praying range as they fighting the pet.

The second one is the charges in the wall when Beastmaster spawns. Currently as it stands it is a free-for-all of whoever is bothered to get them. Which I know it does get done however it can prove to be less dps. As people multiple of people would stop dpsing pets to sort the charges out when would do not need that many people doing it. What I suggest is two people to take of the charges one for the North set of charges and one for the South set of charges. This way more people can focus attacking pets and therefore getting on Beastmaster faster.

Have not got much else to suggest since the stundps method at Yakamaru is being used currently. If I do get a idea that might of slipped my mind I will post it. :)

Also Happy Birthday team Lucid Raid!

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