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~•Dunkin Donuts Recruiting Thread•~

Welcome to the Dunkin Donuts newest recruiting thread! For those who don't know us, we're a
Community, Skilling, and PvM Clan! Join as friends, stay as family.

The Dunkin Donuts is an American-based (CST) clan that strives to be the best! We keep a friendly and helpful atmosphere that's always drama free. We're always trying to get everyone together for fun events and memorial times. Anyone can apply to be an admin in the clan, it all depends on how active you are and what you do after gaining the rank. We also have weekly and monthly competitions where you can win gold just by gaining EXP! We also have weekly PvM lessons where you can learn how to PvM! You can expect to make friends, have fun, and always have someone to talk to.

We have a completely maxed Citadel so all plots will be unlocked at all times after upkeep! Capping is not a requirement!

The Dunkin Donuts clan have been running strong for over three years and plan to keep it that way for many more years to come!
If you're interested in joining or have any questions, PM "Zaper" , "T01", "Grosbide" , "Eigentensor", or "Eogbaba".

Requirements to Join

• Total Level of 2100
• Being Active
• No Selling Services in Clan Chat
• All Jagex Rules Apply
• No Corrupt Behavior
• Must be a Member
• Be Respectful
• No Spamming
• No Drama

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~*What We Offer & Clan Details•~


Clan Information

Leader: Zaper
Clan Chat: Dunkin Donuts
Friends Chat: T01
Years: 2011-Present
World: 22
Citadel Tier: 7
Timezone: Central America
Rank: 48
Members: 400+

Here are some of the many things we offer

• Experienced High Ranks
• Able to Apply for Admin
• Dungeoneering Teams
• Mature clan atmosphere
• Respectful clanmates
• Constant Avatars
• Great Community
• Daily Events
• Nex AOD & Raids Lessons
• Completely Maxed Tier 7 Citadel
• Active Clan Chat
• Discord
• Very knowledgeable player-base

Group Bosses We offer

• Raids
• Nex AOD
• Rise of the Six
• Kalphite King
• Vorago

Discord Server link

https://discord.Gg/G2vh9rh (case sensitive)

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~•Guide to Promotion •~

: New Member
: 10M Clan EXP
:30M Clan EXP
: 70M Clan EXP
: 100M Clan EXP
: 150M Clan EXP

Basic Rules

• Must be in Clan for at least 2 Months and have 200m clan xp before applying for Admin
• Avatar Rules apply to all ranks
• Only Coordinator+ can kick guests
• Only Overseer+ can kick clanmates
• W22 must have Avatar if any are out
• Total level/VIP worlds are allowed if Avatar is on W22
• All ranks above Organizer+ must have Discord

Volunteer Rank

- Must have Avatar out regularly
- Announce Avatar location every 30 mins
- Bumps Recruiting Thread daily
- Must announce world when dismissing Avatar
- Must be in Clan Chat except for Warbands

Picked by Council

- Promoting people who are eligible for a higher rank (Recruit - Gen)
- Updates Joni's spreadsheet weekly (bumps only)
- Monitors Admin Ranks to make sure they're following requirements

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~•Guide to Promotion continued•~


- Promotes Admin ranks
- Demote Admins when necessary when talked with an Organizer
- Announces how to become an admin & competitions
- Monitors Organizer Ranks to make sure they're following requirements
- Monitors Future Admins during trial week with Joni's Spreadsheet (bumps/behavior)

- Announces current clan competition once per day
- Finds one inactive clan mate per week using RuneClan
- Promotes and demotes Organizer Ranks
- Monitors Coordinator Ranks
- One Specific Role

Deputy Owner
- Must make sure avatar is on W22 when avatars are out
- Promotes and demotes Coordinator Ranks
- Monitors Overseer Ranks
- Two Specific Roles

Applying For a Higher Rank

If you're an Admin+ you're able to apply for a higher rank on the Application thread located on the Clan Page Forums. You must be the rank for a certain period of time before applying for a higher rank.

Duration before Apply

• Admin to Organizer (1 Month)
• Organizer to Coordinator (2 Months)


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~•Dunkin Donuts Achievements•~

Citadel Achievements

Tier 7 Citadel: 11 November 2012
Clan Dragon: 24 March 2013
Completely Maxed Citadel: 5 January 2014

Rank Achievements

Overall Rank: 12
Combat Rank: 1
Total Level Rank: 4
Top Page Clan: 29 December 2014

Forum Achievements

Maxed Out Recruiting Threads: 8 Threads! (2000 Posts each)

Other Achievements

Clan Birthday: 18 September 2011

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