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Username: Demmonsrj
Combat Level: 138
Total Level: 2693
Herblore Level: 99
Prayer Level: 99
Ancient Curses Unlocked? Yes
Invention Level: 111

How did you find out about us? One of my long time friends on RS, Delos

Who referred you to our clan (or N/A)? Delos

Are you willing to use Discord actively, or at least for bossing sessions? I run it all the time on my PC and phone so I'm almost always on it.

Are you willing to be active, interact with others, hang out in clan chat and/or Discord, and make a true effort to be part of our community? Yes

Are you the type of person who indirectly implies or directly states that other people are dumb/bad/stupid/worthless/garbage if they make a mistakes, don't have the best gear, or don't know something about the game? Everyone was there in their Runescape career one point or another, I prefer to be positive and assist instead of making fun of people.

Do you agree to our clan rules, and our chat/discussion rules? Yes

If someone suggests a better or more efficient way to do boss kills, are you going to get defensive and douchey? No, I'm here to learn. I need a clan that is willing to teach me that.

Do you want to join to leech kills, or do you want to improve your PvM skills? I'm here to learn and be the best I can be in my role.

What are your top 2-3 bosses you want to do more of and learn? I love all bosses, but specifically. Gregorovic, Vindicta and Nex

Interested in a leader/teacher/admin role in the future? (State which ones) I would be interested in any position given to me. All I ask is that I have the experience and the knowledge to be in the position.

What are your best magic and ranged weapons? Seismic, Nox Staff and Ascensions. (Bow was sold recently because I never use it and buying it again soon)

Tell us something about you!
Not much to really say. I've been playing Runescape for a little short of 13 years. I always like chatting with people and I'm a pretty fair person.

10-Feb-2019 19:37:02

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