PvM Cancer 137+ PvM Clan

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Preferred Name: potato
Do you have all the listed gear? (You will be gear checked)yes
Melee Levels:99
Magic Level:120
Range Level:99
Defence Level:99
Summoning Level:99
Prayer Level:99
Invention Level:120
Do you have Ancient Curses?yea
Do you have any Praesul Prayers? If yes, which ones? Soon will buy them
Do you have a Planted Feet weapon switch?ofc
Do you have Aftershock Unlocked?yes
Do you have Supreme Overloads?yup
Total Level:maxed

What perks are on your weapons/armour? (You may be declined if your perks ain't good enough)as3+p5on wep and bitint2 +c shield top and devoted+ imp3 and crackling 3 bottom

What bosses/roles can you do?arax tl5 rago minion tank aod dps rots tank nex telos

What bosses/roles do you want to get better at/learn aod telos vorago and rots

What's the name(s) of your previous clan(s)? N/a

How did you find out about the clan?

Do you use Discord? Would you like yo use PvM Cancer Discord?

Tell us something about you! (Optional)

16-Nov-2017 21:47:29

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