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Previous names or name most people know you by?
- Falc or Kamal

Are you joining as PvMer or Skiller?
- PvMer

Total level?
- 2595

If interested in PvM do you meet the requirements?
- I'm Maxed so yeah

Your location or timezone?
- United States (EST)

Favorite things on Runescape?
- ***

Do you use Skype/Teamspeak and would you feel comfortable joining?
- Both and I'm not shy

Are you friends with anyone in the clan?
- Beav my boyfriend

What previous clans were you in?
- Cheekyscrublords

Tell us about the duck in you (tell us about yourself) !!@#$!@#$!@#$
- I own a franchise in Jamaica called Ganja Inc.

10-Jan-2015 04:52:32

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