The Questing Clan {ć10}

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Runescape name & previous name(s):
Duke Juker

Sponsor's name:

Have you read our rules? Do you agree with them?:
Yes and yes.

Do you accept to becoming part of the Clan Quest family, and will you respect other members, even if your opinions differ?:
I do accept and I will do my best to respect all members of the clan no matter their views or opinions.

Have you created an account on our offsite (mandatory for full membership)? What is the name for your offsite account you created (we will have an admin authenticate your account)?:
Not yet, but I will.

Total Quest Points?:

Favorite Quest? Why?:
Beneath Cursed Tides. I miss tutorial island. I remember starting out as a noob there long ago. It was nice to be able to go through the baby steps again (albeit underwater this time) at the beginning of my Runescape journey.

Least Favorite Quest? Why?:
The World Wakes. Guthix's fate was more gut wrenching and unforgettable than any difficult or time consuming quest I've ever done. For me, it was the saddest and most moving moment in Runescape and something I'll never quite forget or accept no matter how much I try. :(

Total Level?:

How did you learn about our clan?:
I first heard about it from a few people I knew on RSBandB. Shane, Earth, and Col ton are members and spoke of being a part of Clan Quest on the RSBandBUpdate podcast.

Would you rather walk a mile in another man's shoes, or carry the man the mile?:
Shoes. I'd rather know and understand the man.

If you close both eyes, can you still see?:
Physically, not so much. In other ways, yes, you are always able to "see."

If you know what you do not know, do you know everything?:
No. You only know that which you know. Knowing what you don't know still means you don't know some things. :P

Do you have any questions about this clan, e.g. its threads, the application, etc.?
Nope. I think this thread is pretty clear about what this clan is all about. :)

21-Mar-2016 03:50:32

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