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Are you sick of all those drama clans and clans that have req to join we only have one and that is to have fun if you cant have fun than we are not for you.
We rank by xp that you get being in the clan. If stand out more than others you can get a higher rank really easy. We are trying to start up Pvm again. We have a really nice cita has a clan dragon and 3 ava we try really hard to have them out has much has we can on home world. The leaders are really nice we listen to both sides of a story we don't play favs like a lot of clans do. If you want to join you can pm one of this people
1. sheaba
2. Zyphix (our clan learder)
2. Doctorwho
3. thevoidguard
4. Megawolf5
There are couple people you can look for if they are on.
We have a fb page, clan site, youtube with clan events posted on it.
Our clan been around for a really long time Zyphix been playing the game from the start and made our clan in the first year rs has been out. Alot of vets are in our clan dont get me wrong we do have new people that have not played that long.

If you cant find anyone to get you just post and ill add you to add you to the clan.
Thank you for taking time out and read this.

03-Oct-2014 17:00:40

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