Looking for clan - max cape

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Returning after a 3 year break from the game.

I'm just looking for a chill clan with no mandatory events etc as I can only play for a couple of hours in the evening.

I have max cape and total level of 2920 if there are requirements.

Just afk skilling at the moment but would eventually like to get back into bossing and have people to talk to as I skill :)

21-May-2019 21:16:50



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Moneybucks said:
I tried to reach you ingame, but you're either offline or playing with your online off/on friends.

I think Incursione would be a good fit for you.

There are no mandatory events, no mandatory Citadel capping or whatever (though anyone is welcome), and the clan has players from middle to max/top tier level. It's all fairly laid back and chilled out - don't expect a torrent of discussion, but it's an international clan so there are always people around and a general discussion available.

Quite a few of the newer members are returners, and have benefitted from the experience of those of us who've been around a while.

You'd get a 3% XP boost, for touching a rock once a week, which can increase to 6%.

You'd be very welcome. Follow the link in my signature to see more details, or drop me a PM. Or guest in the CC if you like and say Hello.

Thank you! I have tried to guest in your clan chat but it is requesting for me to enter a pin to enter :)

21-May-2019 21:32:02

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