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I'm a casual player who's been playing a long time (10 year cape but not quite 15, seen some things... glad the wilds back to normal, miss Guthix...).

I'm looking for a group of friendly individuals who don't mind my on and off again play habits (Life is a thing). I would like to do events but also don't mind if its just a place to chat and hang out. Biggest thing is friendly and not afraid of dumb/common knowledge questions (I've missed A LOT of content...)

My stats are okay, ranging from 84-52 (except invention, that's 1..)
My attack/strength/defense are 81
Magic:82 (no spell-books unlocked...>.>;)

Think that's it? Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for stopping by :D.

10-Jun-2019 05:47:05

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