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Invitation to Frooby Family
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We ride together, we die together; Stay Frooby :)

Heyy :) We are a super friend, casual & active clan! I live in Canada too! Feel free to guest in Frooby Family, even if you’re not planning on joining!


What makes a great clan, isn’t a clan’s rank, it’s the people. We are a group of chill, friendly, and unique people that anyone can connect with. Here, you can find memes, laughter, and fun in large quantities. We believe in quality over quantity, so we ask that you stay active with us. Everyone has a voice that is heard here. We enjoy helping others, including new & returning members, so they can get back into the game!


We're a group of friends who enjoy casual PvM and providing a great space to find teams. Learners & teachers are always welcome, whether you prefer to pass on your knowledge or start/improve your abilities, this is the place for you!


We host various competitions & events to encourage you to max out your skills! Our experienced members provide the tools needed to get the highest and most efficient xp rates possible, at your leisure, of course :)

-Recruitment thread containing more info: Here

PS. I wish I had enough space to tell you how awesome this clan is!

If you have any questions feel free to PM me :)

~Luna Kitten ‹3
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30-May-2019 20:34:12

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Hey Kate im Canadian too - East Coast :) Ive got a newer clan here, so we're only about the 35ish mark for members atm. We are looking for new members and we got roles to be filled. You being new - all u need to do is ask questions, if im on i will help you myself or show you around. Always good to meet new friends :) I put our clan invite down below. Rite nows kind of quiet after midnight lol but it picks up in the morning. Add me in game or pop in our CC and say hi :)
I know y'all think less of me, cause im al
ways sick and I cant let it be. That's why I keep throwin them pills dow
n my throat. Might make me mad - dont make me mad.

Im a little DysFuncTionaL, dont ya know.

31-May-2019 06:04:49

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You have been formally invited to DysF
uncTionaL MaFiA!

We are a new and upcoming 18
+ social clan based in the

UK time zone, an
d are looking for new faces to add to our

Why are we dysfunctional?

Cause we like a little rebellious and warped sense of f
un! Social

misfits are welcome here! We take in p2p &
f2p players alike,

and have no level requirements to
join other than be friendly

and fol
low Jagex Rules.


- What we have to offer you -

• Weekly Events
• Experienced advice
• Discord with voice chat
• Friendly active mature clan chat
• PVM Bossing (Learners welcomed)
• Citadel in progress

Discord Link: kjQpEuU
Clan Chat: Dysfuntional Mafia
Forum ThreadQFC
I know y'all think less of me, cause im al
ways sick and I cant let it be. That's why I keep throwin them pills dow
n my throat. Might make me mad - dont make me mad.

Im a little DysFuncTionaL, dont ya know.

31-May-2019 06:04:55

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Hiya! I'm Airienne of The Shadow Realm, a friendly social clan. We're small, and always will be, but we make up for it with our love for one another - an oft-mentioned point among clans is they're a family, but ours really is. Our ultimate goal is to give our members a place to do what they want to in Runescape, while also having a group to do stuff with, talk to, and share advice with.

We have no requirements, no events you must attend, no mandatory citadel slavery, though Kinky Sliske (our clan leader) does host a weekly raffle for those who cap! You're free to do what you want to - true freedom, no sneaky soft requirements or tricks.

Be kind and do what you love - that's all we ask of you.

We Offer You:
No mandatory citadel slavery or events.
A Discord server with places for text or voice chat, with plenty of voice lobbies for social activities.
A loving family group that supports and helps one another.
A laid back atmosphere where you are free to pursue your own goals and interests.
A ranking system based on how chatty, friendly and pleasant you are, not based on points, citadel caps, or exp.
A partially democratic leadership system, featuring elections every 3 months to decide the council.
A T2 Citadel with available avatar.

So, if you're interested in joining or just want more information, you can check out our clan thread, PM me in-game, or, my personal favorite, join the clan chat as a guest to get to know us directly at 'The Shadow Realm', no quotes.

Thanks for reading!

For a link to our forum thread, please click here.

08-Jun-2019 02:34:37

Blue 0ctober
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Blue 0ctober

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Hi, and welcome to
The British Elites (TBE)
Community Clan - Going strong since 2004!
TBE is recruiting!! Here's just a sample of the huge amount we have to offer our new members:

-Tier 7 Citadel
- Free xp, clan rings, 3 avatars giving xp boosts and our own dragon!
-Unique events
- Every night at 8pm GMT, covering a massive range of content. A skill comp every weekend to compete with your clan mates and sometimes also against other clans!
-Activity points system
- Rise through the ranks and involve yourself as much as you want
-Awesome clanmates
– Fierce group events, healthy competition to motivate you to get those levels, top notch advice from dedicated players and a wicked sense of humour!
-Mentoring Assignment System
- Your own personal advisor to help get you settled into the clan
- Communication choices
- Discord and teamspeak, with tech guides on how to use them on our own offsite forums, plus cc and fc


100+ cb p2p
At least 4 activity points per month
To abide by our rules and codes of conduct

About us:

Established 2004
Community clan
Home world 82
Around 100 mature active members
Dedicated website and forums

How to Apply:

Just type 'The British Elites' into your favorite search engine to get to our forums and follow
the instructions for new recruits. Any problems, join our cc 'The
British Elites' and we can help you through the process

Where to find us:

-Our CC - Come and talk to us! Drop into 'The British Elites' and say hi!
-Our clan forums

08-Jun-2019 08:50:59

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