Maxed combat looking for clan

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Blue 0ctober
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Blue 0ctober

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Hi, and welcome to
The British Elites (TBE)
Community Clan - Going strong since 2004!
TBE is recruiting!! Here's just a sample of the huge amount we have to offer our new members:

-Tier 7 Citadel
- Free xp, clan rings, 3 avatars giving xp boosts and our own dragon!
-Unique events
- Every night at 8pm GMT, covering a massive range of content. A skill comp every weekend to compete with your clan mates and sometimes also against other clans!
-Activity points system
- Rise through the ranks and involve yourself as much as you want
-Awesome clanmates
– Fierce group events, healthy competition to motivate you to get those levels, top notch advice from dedicated players and a wicked sense of humour!
-Mentoring Assignment System
- Your own personal advisor to help get you settled into the clan
- Communication choices
- Discord and teamspeak, with tech guides on how to use them on our own offsite forums, plus cc and fc


100+ cb p2p
At least 4 activity points per month
To abide by our rules and codes of conduct

About us:

Established 2004
Community clan
Home world 82
Around 100 mature active members
Dedicated website and forums

How to Apply:

Just type 'The British Elites' into your favorite search engine to get to our forums and follow
the instructions for new recruits. Any problems, join our cc 'The
British Elites' and we can help you through the process

Where to find us:

-Our CC - Come and talk to us! Drop into 'The British Elites' and say hi!
-Our clan forums

18-Feb-2019 09:17:48

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Hey there! Welcome back to the glory that is runescape.

Theres a lot of replies above me, but you should give me a shot here.

Come to the clan chat and guest in ' The Gladiatorz '

Get a feel for the clan before you commit if you wish, we do all kinds of PvM, and competitions to add on top of that to gain extra money.

Want some clan background? How about 18 years old? The clan has evolved from a PvP clan into a community, thats a pretty solid foundation to have withstood the evolutions of runescape, from classic, to rs2, and even to EoC.

Hope to chat soon!

18-Feb-2019 12:26:46

Bit Of cHaOs
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Bit Of cHaOs

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Hey! You're invited to join Clever!

A little bit about us:

Active Discord Server!

Tier 7 Citadel!

No mandatory events!

Fun, friendly people from various timezones!

Spur of the moment boss trips and skill events!

Learner friendly atmosphere for the new and returning!

120+ combat and 2300+ total level to join!

Feel free to join as a guest and find out more about us!!


18-Feb-2019 16:35:35

All Starzz
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All Starzz

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Hi Shot0nSight! We'd like to invite you to join our clan!
TAW - The Art of Warfare


We're a community made up of gamers from around the world who have come together with the common vision of honour, friendship, fair play and loyalty, which continues to adapt itself to the ever-changing landscape of gaming.

With a solid foundation in our Code of Ethics, TAW has weathered the storms that have seen so many others fall. Our entire multi-gaming community, founded in March 2001, currently counts over 2000 active members playing 35+ games, such as LoL, CSGO, OW, WoW and now also Runescape!

We have very friendly, experienced and mostly dedicated leaders that are open towards anyone with questions or in need of help, as well as expanding our team, and we are definitely looking forward to building up a strong clan to be part of our massive community.

With your help perhaps?

+ Clan Info +

- International Community -

- World 46 Homeworld -
- Tier 2 Citadel -

- CC: TAW Art of Warfare -
- Overall community uses Teamspeak for voice & Discord for text chat -

- Mandatory and Optional Events Available -
- Events: Skilling, PVM, PVP & minigame/fun, Guests are welcome to join in! -

- Mandatory event held every Sunday 20:00 ingame time (UTC) -
- No level reqs to join! -

- Fairly new clan so loads of room for growth into leadership!


You can find our recruitment thread, reqs & application process here
You can also message me or any of the other admin+ in our CC if you're interested in joining!

We're looking forward to seeing you around :)

18-Feb-2019 19:45:45

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