Klyn LF Smaller social clan

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King Stokes
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King Stokes

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  ',¸¸ , ´ˆ`·                                                                                       ·´ˆ`,¸¸ ,'  
                   E L Y S I A N   O R D E R
',¸¸ , ·´ˆ`·                                                    ·´ˆ`·,¸¸ ,'

Hello Klyn! I know you weren't keen on the copypasta invite, so I also added you in-game.

We would be happy to have you in Elysian Order!

We are a recently reincarnated clan looking to add to our growing list of clan members. Currently we are sitting at
members. The Citadel is currently
Tier 3
. Our preferred language in the Clan Chat is
We are primarily located in
North America
ranging in timezones from
however, we welcome anyone from anywhere in the world!

We offer a variety of perks including:

Discord - Point Based Ranking - Citadel - Group Events - PvM & Bossing trips - Player of the Month Awards - 3-Tier Leadership System - Raffles - Competitions - and a variety of other things!

If you are interested in joining you can PM King Stokes or Jack 97, Post on our forum thread here, or join the clan chat as a guest and someone will be happy to answer any questions you may have about us and/or invite you in!

We look forward to meeting you!
Owner of
¤ Elysian Order ¤


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Hey there, Black Holes is super chill social clan if you wanna check us out. We're a pretty small clan at the moment. We have a thread here or you can guest in our clan in game to check us out if you're interested.

Good luck with your search!
Yes, Einstein923 was taken.
of Black Holes
of Egguiem Warbands before it closed :/

12-Feb-2019 04:01:44

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Hey Klyn,

While L O D J is not new and we may seem large as we do have an osrs base..we have a smaller RS3 feel and would welcome you into our family. Many of us are casual gamers that are busy with real life, as such nothing is ever required within our clan and activity is very relaxed.

We also accept anyone regardless of who they are and account type within the clan, and do our best to help each other out with advice.

If our community sounds ideal, feel free to visit our cc "L O D J" as a guest or contact us ingame if you have any questions or concerns. :)

On behalf of LODJ, we wish you all the best with your search.
LODJ RS3 Division
LODJ OSRS Division

12-Feb-2019 05:27:19

Blue 0ctober
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Blue 0ctober

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Hi, and welcome to
The British Elites (TBE)
Community Clan - Going strong since 2004!
TBE is recruiting!! Here's just a sample of the huge amount we have to offer our new members:

-Tier 7 Citadel
- Free xp, clan rings, 3 avatars giving xp boosts and our own dragon!
-Unique events
- Every night at 8pm GMT, covering a massive range of content. A skill comp every weekend to compete with your clan mates and sometimes also against other clans!
-Activity points system
- Rise through the ranks and involve yourself as much as you want
-Awesome clanmates
– Fierce group events, healthy competition to motivate you to get those levels, top notch advice from dedicated players and a wicked sense of humour!
-Mentoring Assignment System
- Your own personal advisor to help get you settled into the clan
- Communication choices
- Discord and teamspeak, with tech guides on how to use them on our own offsite forums, plus cc and fc


100+ cb p2p
At least 4 activity points per month
To abide by our rules and codes of conduct

About us:

Established 2004
Community clan
Home world 82
Around 100 mature active members
Dedicated website and forums

How to Apply:

Just type 'The British Elites' into your favorite search engine to get to our forums and follow
the instructions for new recruits. Any problems, join our cc 'The
British Elites' and we can help you through the process

Where to find us:

-Our CC - Come and talk to us! Drop into 'The British Elites' and say hi!
-Our clan forums

12-Feb-2019 08:38:25

Them Gains
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Them Gains

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Check us out at - Secretly AFK
A fresh clan (currently 15) most of us being fairly active and happy to have anyone join that enjoys the game or just come to socialize.

Feel free to guest and say hi in our clan chat or PM me ingame if you see me online.

13-Feb-2019 03:32:42

I am Jango
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I am Jango

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I would like to invite you to
The Halls of Light
! We are a casual, mid-sized community clan whose goal is to provide a friendly environment for our members to chat, help each other, and just enjoy RuneScape.

There are no requirements to join, but we are a
members only
clan. New or returning to RS?
We love noobs


» Fully maxed,
Tier 7
» Monthly skilling competitions.
server with useful tools.
» Friendly and welcoming community!

Find more details here or feel free to join our clan chat -
The Halls of Light
- as a guest at any time!
Come sit with us! We are
The Halls of Light

13-Feb-2019 05:44:38

Gold Lies
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Gold Lies

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·•’'ˆ ¯¨¯ii‡ii¨¯¨ ˆ’'•·

•¸ „ ‹ • *° * • ¸Looking for a Clan? Look no further! ¸ • * °* • › „ ¸•

Hi there! Our clan
was founded on 28.09.18 and we would love to have you join us!

Welcome to
We welcome you to join us and be a huge part of our clan. We have players with plenty of experience and some returning players.

•¸ „ ‹ • *° * • ¸ What can we offer you? •¸ „ ‹ • *° * • ¸

Home world based on

Tier 7 Clan Citadel, no citadel work required.
Dailey PVM for new players and veterans alike.
Friends from around the world, a really diverse group of people.
Clan-mates with experience in all aspects of Runescape.
Active discord channel
, should you wish to use it.
We provide a clan with a way of meeting new people and partaking in everything Runescape has to offer!

•¸ „ ‹ • *° * • ¸ How to rank up?? •¸ „ ‹ • *° * • ¸

Help recruit.
Be friendly and helpful.
Gain Exp.
Visit or Cap at the Citadel.


Owner- Final Manu
Deputy - Luna Lawless
Overseer- BagMaster6

·•’'ˆ ¯¨¯ii‡ii¨¯¨ ˆ’'•·

If you are interested or have any questions-

Final Stanza
¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¯¨˜”°†°”˜¨¯ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨

Owner of

13-Feb-2019 05:57:42

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Heya Klyn!

I can't say that we're just starting out, we were founded last double xp weekend last year, around November. However, we're still pretty tiny with only 21 members at the moment, and we're a pretty comfortable bunch. We've got no requirements whatsoever, and we're an international social clan with a mini asian twist.

Here's some info about our clan, the Murasame Shogunate, if you're interested:

I've added you in-game, good luck with the hunt! ;)

Discord: Darrensier#4060

Despair not till your last breath. Make your death count.

14-Feb-2019 04:00:08

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