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Clan Core Stats


We're a 7 year old adult social clan, E US based global membership. Ages range from 18 to 70's, average member age 35 so lots of older adults.

Nothing is mandatory so no worries.

Ranking system up to general is based on xp gained in game after becoming a clan member. Transparent, easy to understand.

Rules linked above. Rules are reasonable but comprehensive, so as to not be arbitrary and based on whim. As owner my preference is to explain why as opposed to being punitive. :)

Basics are in the event of accidental profanity in chat a quick apology makes it effectively 'go away.' Little kids read our chat so we like to keep it clean.

We request topics of politics, religion, race, drugs, lifestyle (choices) and dating be discussed in private or friends. Those subjects create drama and arguments which is why.

We are a large clan which provides for members taking leave from game without kicking. Chat numbers vary from 10 to 80 on bxp weekends including guests.

Please check us out to see if chat has the atmosphere you're comfortable with.


27-May-2019 15:33:44

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