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I am a returning player searching for a mature active social clan, for i have left when osrs resurfaced!
but since rs3mobile has opened beta i have really been enjoying this version again
so. I now need M8s to boss and grind with. I am
Lvl 131 cbt

27-May-2019 14:00:33

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Hi Snyderr,

Check out our new clan, Flock!

We are a social community based clan, first and foremost, and our members are always our first concern. We do our best to create a friendly and fun environment for all of our members.

We do all manner of events, including skilling, bossing, and citadel capping. Our members are always there for each other: to help, to play, to laugh, and just to have fun. We have very loose requirements for activity, and you will not find yourself being cornered by ridiculous requirements which you see in so many other clans these days. We always strive to improve the clan in any way possible and will always take suggestions into consideration.

Each and every member of the clan is equally important, and every member will always have their voice heard. Members will never be "lost in the crowd." We are a flock, first and foremost, and each and every one of our members matter. Check out what we are all about and see if we may be a fit for you. We would love to add another bird to our flock.

28-May-2019 01:58:48

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Fealty Stars ~ Friendly Adults

Clan Core Stats


Fealty Stars is a premier 7 year old social clan with a great chat vibe because we're drama free and family friendly. Most of our members have played RS for years so generously share information to help others along. Our age ranges are from 18-75, average age around 35. We're a family friendly chat and simply a good place to be.

Please guest with us a few days to see if our chat is what you're looking for. Take as much time to decide about us as you like because we never rush a decision.

Tier-7 citadel so all plots complete which give max xp. Clan dragon. Citadel has never been mandatory. Citadel plots are never locked and open to use as much as needed.

Clan voice chat is Discord. Use optional.

East United States based, all time zones. Chat varies from 10-55 any given time of day.

We do not have Iron-Man members.

Thank you for considering Fealty Stars :)

Founding Owner

28-May-2019 14:46:28

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Astral Turtles

We are Astral Turtles!

I will try and make this as short and sweet as possible :-)

Astral Turtles is a family. We look out for each other. We aim to grow at a steady pace which allows you to get to know each-other instead of having to meet a new person every 2 minutes. :-P

We have a wide variety of events to offer to our clannies, meaning there is something for everyone! We do things like, dungeoneering, pvm, skilling and sometimes just chatting about pointless things :-P. We have a pretty good sense of humor, as long as you can deal with some sarcasm and good old banter. We have a wide variety of levels, from people who are maxed to those with under 500 total level.

Events and capping are not mandatory, but appreciated :-).

If you would like to join post here, join our clan chat as a guest or PM one of our contact point clan members listed below. We always keep our PM's on!

Contact points :
Matmano9 -/- Tigerdudeboy
Ripper Man5 -/- Annarawrs
Jj Oo Ee Yy -/- TAL Pandaa
Cheeselets -/- Astral Voice
Sai xD -/- Astral Dom

Clan Information:
• Clan Chat: Astral Turtles
• Home world: 88
• Clan Time: GMT / EST - Events are made to suit most time zones!
• Citadel: Tier 7 - Maxed citadel with Dragon
• Voice Chat: Discord
• Requirements: None
• Thanks to clan updates everyone has a permanent 3% xp buff which can be increased up to 6%!

Click here for our recruitment thread! :-)
I like to help people. Feel free to ask for advice/help. :-)

My clan - Astral Turtles 2 year Runefester
Need support? Account help
Discord -

28-May-2019 15:57:37

Holly x0
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Holly x0

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Sociable Mob

You're invited!

We are a brand new clan which offers you the opportunity to help lead and mold the future

What we can Offer

- Social community who is eager to befriend you and help you with anything!
- Everyone is welcome!
- We have experienced players, new players, players from all over the world!
- We provide groups for most all PvM - we host regular clan events!
- Active discord server and clan chat!
- Active and fair leadership!

How to Join

- Join our clan chat and ask for an invite when you're ready, or just guest as long as you'd like!
- Don't forget to ask any clanmate for an invite to our discord server!

From everyone at
Sociable Mob
, we wish you the best of luck in your search for a clan and we hope to see you soon! Happy Scaping!

28-May-2019 15:58:30

Tyki Mikk
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Tyki Mikk

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Hi Snyder, we'd be happy to help you catch up with RS3 stuff in our clan and you'd have plenty of people to boss with. I'll post our info below and feel free to guest/join/pm me.


The Phoenix is reborn, and the Tale continues...

Phoenix Tale
, formerly known as
Ascending Swords
, is a tight-knit social clan that has stood for over 8 years.

Who is
Phoenix Tale?

~We are a clan of friendly and knowledgeable players
~We are skillers, questers, and fighters
~We are new players and Runescape veterans

What Does
Phoenix Tale

~A Tier 7 citadel, weekly events, and monthly competitions for clanmates to enjoy
~Dedicated clan voice/text chat server through Discord
~A network of experienced clan leaders who seek to help the success of all clanmates

Phoenix Tale
is composed of a family of players that call this clan home. If you have been searching for a place to relax, trade advice, team up for bosses, or make friends, then your search is over. Everyone is welcome to join our ranks. There are no requirements and there are no commands to be followed.

Feel free to message current leaders: "Tyki Mikk", “Nicoliolio”, “Witts24”, or “ShugaDaddie” for more information, or guest in our clan chat for a while.

So I invite you to join us, and make our clan a part of your tale!
Tyki Mikk
Master Quest Caper
, and clan leader of
Phoenix Tale

The Phoenix is reborn, and the Tale continues...

28-May-2019 16:06:16

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Silent Knight


"Loyalty, Courage, and Honour"


I would personally like to invite you to our clan Silent Knight.

We are a social, skilling, PVM clan that is looking for more members for top tier bossing. We host clan events ranging from Boss Events to Skilling Events. We also offer help to any one that joins as we have many members knowledgeable in skilling and pvm.
Reasons to Join:

Relaxed clan atmosphere
No mandatory events, anyone can create events
Active members from different time zones
Active, fair, and honest leadership with opportunity to advance
Ranking system based on experience gained while in clan shown Here
Ability to advance the Admin Ranks
Tier 7 Citadel
Weekly lotto draws for capping at the Citadel
Discord server

What's Next:

Check our Clan Thread Here
Read our clan rules Here
Apply on our Clan Recruitment Thread
Join our Clan Chat 'Silent Knight' as a guest for an invite

Have fun, and hope to welcome you to Silent Knight
of Silent Knight

28-May-2019 16:51:16

Jan Gold Premier Club Member 2012


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The Ward

The Ward
is an active and social clan with weekly events (bossing/pvm/skilling). Our ranking system is fair to all users and can be found below. We have amazing clan members and have grown a lot since we first began.

Leadership Team

- Playing since 2007 and very active within the community.
- Maxed user that has been a Runescape user for an extremely long time.
- Previously ranked #1 overall and the first female user to reach 99 Dungeoneering (And first to 104-110).
- Very experienced in the clan community and head of recruitment

Clan Requirements & Obligations

1. Must be 1000+ Total Level (to rank up)
2. Try to be an active participant in our clan chat, at events and on our Discord server
3. Cap at the clan citadel every week
4. Be nice, friendly and welcoming to all
5. Do not break any Runescape rules, they can be found here

Clan Events

There will be many clan events in the future, some of them being:
1. Citadel cap raffles for GP rewards
2. Citadel capping parties
3. Bossing and PvM events
4. Moneymaking techniques and flipping tutorials
5. Skilling events and competitions

Home World

Our home world is 99, as that's what we're always striving for!

How To Join

Leave a message on this thread Click here
or guest in clan and ask for an invite. State your total level and combat level, as long as how long you've been playing Runescape. Write anything that you think we will find helpful! WE WILL CONTACT YOU IN-GAME.
Respect my choice and I will respect yours.

28-May-2019 21:45:38

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