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Ant Wills
Jun Member 2019

Ant Wills

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Hello all,

I am fresh back from a giant break lol ...

Looking for a close a knit clan to help me get back into the swing of things, my friend is also looking for one, his account got banned because he was hacked in his absence 😢

We come as a pair.

My stats are below:

Total - 2539
All 99 combat
99 in all apart from mining, fish, thieve, RC, dung and div

My friends stats are below:

Not worth knowing 🤷🏻‍♂️

Message in game

Ant Wills

16-Jun-2019 13:55:34

Lord Hudnall
Sep Gold Premier Club Member 2015

Lord Hudnall

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Hi Ant,

I've read your post carefully,
Serene Wolves
sounds like just the clan for you!

What We Offer

*Our Citadel is a Tier 7, with avatars and a frost dragon.

*We have a forum, and discord.

*All members have a voice in this clan.

* Although we are a Social clan we do like to keep the clan well rounded so we offer the following as well:

* Regularly Host Events: Such as Group Skilling Competitions, GWD, Mini Games, D&D

*We are a mature clan and if you are just starting, we have current members with several years of experience in playing, and are more than willing to help any player with a total level of 500.

*Our leaders offer over 10 years combined in running and maintaining a clan.

*Total level requirement 500 to join. We ask that you simply fill out the application so we can get a better idea of who you are. If you are reading this, it means that we feel you are a good fit for our clan. For a list of our rules, please refer to our forum page. Here you can find the application to copy and paste in a reply.

* Finally, we do not make any events or capping mandatory in this clan, unless you are on our admin+ team. If you see yourself as wanting a high rank within the clan please read our forums for that information. Remember you are applying because you want to be an active member of a clan.

What We Ask

*That everyone treats each other with respect and no excessive foul language.

*We understand that real life comes first … that is most important!

*Please feel free to join in our clan chat and say hi, if you decide to join us, we would be happy to invite you into the pack!

Lord Hudnall

Lord Hudnall
Head of Recruitment - Serene Wolves

16-Jun-2019 14:05:47

Apr Gold Premier Club Member 2014


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We Invite you to come Visit Unthinkable. You can either guest our clan to talk to the members, or you can find us by using our QFC. 290-291-240-66102279

Now you might ask, what can Unthinkable offer you, well:

: We have an active discord.

: Competitions and events for all levels.

: Bossing Experiences from beginner to group bossing.

: A friendly sociable community, filled with All levels.

: Walking and talking Runescape wiki's who obviously know too much.

: A friendly Admin+ team who are always willing to listen and help when needed.

Clan Info:

: Citadel level:

: Clan members:

: Founded:
Founded 9th July 2015, Reopened 30th December 2018.

: Home world:
unthinkable owner ;)
unthinkable family

16-Jun-2019 14:18:21

Apr Member 2019


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Silent Knight


"Loyalty, Courage, and Honour"

"Ant Wills"

I would personally like to invite you to our clan Silent Knight.

We are a social, skilling, PVM clan that is looking for more members for top tier bossing. We host clan events ranging from Boss Events to Skilling Events. We also offer help to any one that joins as we have many members knowledgeable in skilling and pvm.
Reasons to Join:

Relaxed clan atmosphere
No mandatory events, anyone can create events
Active members from different time zones
Active, fair, and honest leadership with opportunity to advance
Ranking system based on experience gained while in clan shown Here
Ability to advance the Admin Ranks
Tier 7 Citadel
Weekly lotto draws for capping at the Citadel
Discord server

What's Next:

Check our Clan Thread Here
Read our clan rules Here
Apply on our Clan Recruitment Thread
Join our Clan Chat 'Silent Knight' as a guest for an invite

Have fun, and hope to welcome you to Silent Knight
Organiser of Silent Knight

16-Jun-2019 15:42:05

Holly x0
Apr Gold Premier Club Member 2016

Holly x0

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You're invited!


Friendly, good-natured, easy to talk to

- Helpful social community who prides themselves in helping each other
- All levels welcome!
- Veteran and new players alike
- Players are from all over the world
- Knowledgeable community in PvM and RuneScape in general
- Fair and active leadership
- Discord server and active clan chat

Why should I join?


- We have members who can and are willing to teach and help you with everything you need to know about RuneScape
- Wide variety of events (high and low level) to accommodate players of all types: skilling, PvM
- Your voice and opinion matters, leaders who make time of day for you
- We are constantly evolving to make the clan better for our members

How do I join?


- All guests are welcome in our clan chat or discord always! Stay as long as you like
- To join the clan, guest in our clan chat
and ask anyone for an invite!

We do hope you take us into consideration as we would love to have you join. Good luck in your search!



16-Jun-2019 16:02:22

Jun Gold Premier Club Member 2016


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The Clueless Adventurers
. .•*(¸.•*´(¸.•*´+`*•.¸)`*•.¸)*•.

If you are looking for a fun friendly family type of clan you may want to check
out my clan.

*The Clueless Adventurers clan is a
clan with
a tier 7 citadel

*We are very stable and have been around for over 15 years.

* We have a
clan trailer
on Youtube

*The clan is highly organized with a mature leadership team.

*We have a fair mix of adults and members of all ages from around the world.

*We are UTC based (game time)

*We have many planned clan events activities and competitions.

*We have very supportive knowledgeable members willing to share ideas.

*A very friendly family type of atmosphere.
*Jagex restricted topics are not allowed*

*The Clan is based off site of Runescape on our own forums at

*The Clan has an open Guest Chat :
- feel free to drop in and meet the members

*For voice communications we have a dedicated

The clans primary purpose is to provide a fun supportive clan experience. We wish that experience to be devoid of any controversy , drama and or swearing. Including abbreviated.
We have a lot of high level players that share their ideas as we all skill together. We like our members to feel like one big family.

The clan maintains a recruitment thread on the Runescape forums which details what our clan is all about. Feel free to give it a visit. We also welcome any questions you may have in the game feel free to pm or better yet visit the guest chat!

Hope to see you soon!

Please drop in our guest chat :

Quick find code: 93-94-545-66091637
. .•*(¸.•*´(¸.•*´+`*•.¸)`*•.¸)*•.

16-Jun-2019 17:02:15

Sora Verus
Jun Gold Premier Club Member 2014

Sora Verus

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Ant Wills!

Sora Verus
, Queen of
The Kingdom of Varrock

- Various Subclans for you to join, covering all aspects of the game.
- An active memberlist, exceeding 150 members.
- Roleplay oriented Clan; POC (Player Owned City)
- Reliable Bossing Crew.
- Organized ranking system.
- Citadel fit for a king with Tier 7 skilling plots and even a dragon!
- Kingdom built to last; ten plus years of service.
As well as an active Discord server! Contact: Kylar Zeymah#8857

We ask only two things of you when joining. One, respect and adhere by the rules of Runescape. And two, you must be P2P.

KoV has a grouping system known as 'subclans'. Subclans allow members to pick and choose depending on their personal preference for aspects of the game. Do you need to join them? No. Can you join more than one? Yes.

To be invited to the Kingdom, there are two options:

Option 1)
This is quick and easy. You simply contact myself,
Sora Verus, our Duke, Rnoy, our King, Darius Verus, or our Lord of Recruitment, Kylar Zeymah.
. However, this option will place you as a One Chevron rank. What does this mean? You cannot join subclans, nor progress further in rank until you file an application on the recruitment thread.

Option 2)
The application itself. You file this, we review it, and if passed, you will be invited in as a Two Chevron rank, the rank allowed to join subclans, and gain further rank through progression in the Kingdom.

The application can be found on the first page of our Recruitment Thread, four posts down.

Exordium adque Exitus - We are the Beginning and the End
Queen of the Kingdom of Varrock

Discord: Indie#2017

16-Jun-2019 17:24:37

Dec Gold Premier Club Member 2014


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Hello, player! You have been invited to join

About the clan

is a lovely clan founded by myself and someone else's alts. It's a very small clan with nothing to offer new members except whatever rank I feel like giving them. We don't have a citadel and we don't do events or talk much.

Advantages over other clans

-We don't have any active members and few active guests.
-No events will ever be planned.
-Nearly dead silent chat for a majority of the day.
-No citadel to slave away at each week.
-Guest PIN is always active to keep literally everyone out except a few cool people.
-No pointless/sketchy offsite to visit.
-Not sure what else but I'm sure there's more cool things I haven't thought of.

Important stuff

-This is my clan and the rules (if I ever make any) are always subject to change.
-I can mute/kick any player I choose for any and no reason whatsoever.
-We do have a discord server but without bots because why bother when every major server already has the important ones:P
-I like lists.
-If you want to join then you must apply on my clan thread or I won't invite you.
-You can PM me for the guest PIN if you want to check out the clan before joining.
-This post is extremely low effort, and I will admit I most likely didn't read your opening post (this is a standard recruiting tactic to save time).

>>>Click here to visit my thread!<<<
my clan is the best

16-Jun-2019 18:47:28

Luna Kitten
Aug Member 2007

Luna Kitten

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¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•
Invitation to Frooby Family
•.¸)´• .¸)

We ride together, we die together; Stay Frooby :)

Heyy :) I won't be able to play properly to PM you for the next while but feel free to guest in Frooby Family, even if you’re not planning on joining!


What makes a great clan, isn’t a clan’s rank, it’s the people. We are a group of chill, friendly, and unique people that anyone can connect with. Here, you can find memes, laughter, and fun in large quantities. We believe in quality over quantity, so we ask that you stay active with us. Everyone has a voice that is heard here. We enjoy helping others, including new & returning members, so they can get back into the game!


We're a group of friends who enjoy casual PvM and providing a great space to find teams. Learners & teachers are always welcome, whether you prefer to pass on your knowledge or start/improve your abilities, this is the place for you!


We host various competitions & events to encourage you to max out your skills! Our experienced members provide the tools needed to get the highest and most efficient xp rates possible, at your leisure, of course :)

-Recruitment thread containing more info: Here

PS. I wish I had enough space to tell you how awesome this clan is!

If you have any questions feel free to PM me :)

~Luna Kitten ‹3
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•
Leader of Frooby Family
•.¸)´• .¸)

16-Jun-2019 19:53:02

Apr Member 2019


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Check out Soundgarden.

We boss
We skill
We host a weekly skilling competition
We host a weekly lottery for those who choose to cap
We host random events/giveaways like drop parties, hide & seek, castle wars, etc.
We voice chat/discord
We pretty much have no rules aside from what Jagex implements
We have players from all over the world
We have a tier 7 citadel & clan dragon, so we aren't hounding about capping
We have an easy ranking system
We tell everyone to check wiki
We kick crybabies

I think that about covers it. Guest and ask for an invite! We look forward to hearing from you!
Sick of cliquish, elitist-filled clans? Look no further. You have arrived.

Check out our thread! Click here!

Creator of Soundgarden

16-Jun-2019 20:46:43

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