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Xx 333xX
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Xx 333xX

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I am combat level 20 and was assigned an Icefiend task by Turael. When I ask him for any tips he specifically tells me that there are Icefiends atop ice mountain. However, upon killing multiple of them, my 'kills left' has not gone down at all. I have tried re-logging and various methods of killing them and nothing works. Because of this, I am completely unable to progress with slayer as I am not yet able to earn slayer points so I cannot cancel my task. I am missing out on the entirety of slayer week because of this and would appreciate if this issue was addressed ASAP

14-Aug-2019 10:47:38

Quest Luke
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Quest Luke

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Hey Xx 333xX,

Sorry to hear about this issue. It seems that more players are experiencing this issue, so I am sure Jagex is aware of this issue and working on it. As you have several threads on this issue, this thread will be closed, as it is not allowed to have multiple threads on the same topic.
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15-Aug-2019 12:20:47

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