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Special thanks to Helios223 and Eek Not Xena for running this thread in the past! Many of their ideas are being used on this thread.

Welcome to Your Moneymaking Tips - a thread that is most certainly rich in advice. ;)

Here, you will be able to find all kinds of moneymaking tips. However, this thread isn't only here for you to look for some new and fun moneymaking methods; you are also encouraged to post moneymaking methods that have worked for you! Besides, this thread wouldn't be here without all of your awesome tips. :)

The sky is the limit; any tips related to making money are acceptable. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

What can you post here?
- Your moneymaking advice for others
- References to other moneymaking guides (by posting quick find codes)
- Additions to advice posted by other players

What can't you post here?
- Tips that involve price manipulation
- Off topic posts
- Any posts in breach of the Code of Conduct or Forum Specific Rules

Finally, here are some points that you may want to consider covering when you post your advice:

- Is this method F2P or P2P?
- Any skills/quests required
- Approximate profit/income (per hour)
- Explanation (how the method works)
- Any dangers/risks that others should consider

If you are posting several pieces of advice, you are allowed to include each idea in separate posts, although this isn't required.

Thanks in advance for any advice you post here. Have fun making money! :)

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~ Tip(s) of the Week! ~

Are you always looking for new moneymaking tips? If so, you'll definitely want to keep an eye on the current tip or tips of the week!

This section will be updated on a regular basis with unique tips that you have posted. So, if you have a great moneymaking tip and you'd like to share it with others, simply post it on this thread and you may find your tip here!

Tips for the week of: 2 February 2015


* Page 81, post 2

• Submitted by: Quirk X

- Is this method F2P or P2P?

- Any skills/quests required?
95 Slayer

- Approximate profit/income

- Explanation (how the method works)
Head to the ganodermic caves located to the east of the dueling arena and make your way down to the ganodarmic creatures. Fight these creatures with the best fire spell you have and pick up the loot. They have good drops that usually average 2.3m per hour.
- Any dangers/risks that others should consider
A few tips. Firstly it helps to bring a little food and have Guthix's blessing unlocked for healing. Secondly use the terrain to block the creatures from approaching you and infecting you with the toxic fungus. This will save alot of food and health.

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