Could Jagex ever rehire Andrew

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Short answer is "No".

Like the others said, he has a lot of money, so he doesn't need to be rehired.
He was also the FOUNDER of the company AND the original creative designer of Runescape. It's not like he was just another developer. Sure people can come and go, and sometimes return years later. But that's for personal development or their professional careers took a turn elsewhere or when they return at a higher skill level than when they left.

They could PARTNER with him, for example, if his game engine or whatever works so well, that Jagex says "yo hey, Andrew, we love your product and want to use it in ours". That does happen at times across all industries. Joint partnerships, collaborative efforts, etc etc that don't involve merging the companies.

Another example would be as a contractor for some Legacy project.
It also not that uncommon to have situations where a "number of years later" after most of the staff that worked on a project are long gone, that the company wants to do something with it, but the people who work there now don't quite understand it and the time it would take for them to learn it wouldn't be practical. So here, the company contracts the former team members (who are likely retired at this stage).
But in this scenario, Jagex would be trying to port code or revive something, but the code is so 'ancient' or whatever the name is for the Jagex specific coding, that none of the current generation of devs ever learned how to use it. And there are no employees left from the days that it was worked on/with.
While Gower is about 40 now, he would have to be really really really nostalgic to take up a contract gig to do something like that in the distant future.
Be like in a decade, asking Bill Gates to troubleshoot your Windows 3.1 or Win 95 OS.

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