Coal spirit should be luminite

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Why am I still getting the ratio of coal to addy / rune stone spirits that was needed to make bars b4 the rework. Please change this. Having 66k coal spirits and needing luminite to go with the addy / rune drops is getting tiresome.

19-Jun-2019 15:36:43

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i agree the stonesprites thing still needs a lot of work (although i do kinda like the high level ones as an iron man, as mining gets way ahead of smithing, and these go a little way to balancing the two out)

i think SOME coal sprites should be luminite, but not all, as coal is still needed to make both cannon balls and steel titans, both of which are end game content

20-Jun-2019 02:43:05

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Crystal chests still need reworking, I think that's what OP is talking about, pre update you got the right amount of coal for the addy or rune ore but now you still get coal sprits with the addy/rune sprits. The amount of gold sprits from GOTE is also getting a bit OTT and I would rather have like 10 luminite rather than the 100+ gold.

20-Jun-2019 04:20:16

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