Do NOT buy the portal vic f2p

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So I was very interested when I heard the news about the portal Vic the trader. As I thought to myself, "finally, a way to use up or get rid of all this unused bonus xp especially the members bonus xp that I can't use."

Well I excitedly took the plunge and spent $6.99 to get myself a bond! I eagerly used my bond to get the portal vic item and set it down for use.

This is were all the positivity ends however..

As soon as I open the window to vic where it shows me the xp I can trade in I noticed that the members skills were locked and could not be traded in.. well shoot, I was really hopping to get ride of that.

so I shrug off the fact I can't use my bonus xp from the mems skill that are building up and begin to process my xp in my f2p skills. After around 2 mill worth of bonus xp I get around 830 points. Not bad i'm thinking even though after 200 points the cost per point in a skill goes up after 200 unless you are on a members world..

I jump to the items excited what I can get. I've always liked the special outfits like the sharks and golem suits. maybe i'll get a full set of those. Though once I got into the store my heart sank and my eyes got big. Almost everything that was in vic's store was locked to me!! The only things that were not locked were basic things like some lamps, stars, rare coins pulse cores, dummy crates, protean packs, ect.

Pretty much anything I can normally get just from playing the game or taking part in Runescape's holiday events.

I was extreamly disapointed and most of these options I could buy could be pretty pricey even to someone who used up 2m of built up bonus xp. (which could honestly be considered a lot to your average f2per)

Well I may have been cheated out of my hard earned money, but you shouldn't have to fall (Vic)tim to this new update. If you are a f2per or maybe even a member too I highly recommend against buying a portable vic the trader.

Save you're hard earned money and don't be a (Vic)tim like me.

23-Apr-2019 17:12:25



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Vic is only F2P in order to scam players.

And worst part is this is only going to get fixed next week. So more victims can fall for this over the course of this week.
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Spiff Capt
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Yeah, sounds like a huge bummer. Like the pun though! It's Vic the traitor.

Jagex doznt seem to understand for the pure F2P player it's in their blood not to become mem for any kinda boost in w/e MTX promo they are gonna sell. They should've locked F2P fully out or kept all the possible F2P skilling outfits included. And the no-mem bxp-skills filters sure is funny. Why they keep giving F2P this mem skills bxp? All those convoluted luring tricks is only gonna hurt & poison ur playerbase. Thought they would have learned from their mistakes, BE CLEAR.

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Frozen Phyr

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Ouch, sorry to read your experience, I'd be LIVID if I were you, haha. Of course, this whole Portable Vic promotion didn't mention the rewards are more geared towards members. Can't really be surprised, as this happens very often.

In the future, the best advice is to wait and research an event or promotion before making any purchases.

Thanks for the warning and sorry. :(

24-Apr-2019 00:21:49

Aria Ventus
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Aria Ventus

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Even though Vic has been members content before, it would be professional to include limitations on free to play in the news post, in-game message when attempting to redeem a bond specifically for Vic or in a description under the summoning stone icon in Vic's redeem option.

Or, give the summoning stone a toggle in case there are players whose membership lapsed so they can stall the timer for when they decide to renew their memberships in the future once they realize their desired rewards are members only.
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24-Apr-2019 02:54:33



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Can't say I'm entirely surprised.

I was kinda hoping that others could have interacted with the Vic ... *sigh*. Guess I shouldn't be stunned.

Maybe the store shop will update later, so you can keep the stone until the next round?

24-Apr-2019 04:26:42

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