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Please note that this hasn't been a 100% trend with a number of the last quests.

Yes, there has been a trend to start awarding optional XP via lamps or allowing you to choose to do follow up activities to claim/access rewards for a few years now.

But Desperate Times, Violet is Blue, Curse of the Black Stone, and The Needle Skips have all awarded Prismatic XP Lamps of Various sizes or Generic XP lamps of fixed amounts. (Pieces of Hate and Chef's Assistant awarded XP in skills relevant to the quests ... ie: cooking)

Is this a trend you'd like to see going forward? Not just the XP lamps, but more generalized XP rewards that allow you to choose where it goes?

Please also note: we'd probably still see quest rewards that give XP in the relevant skill(s) to that quest if it fits the theme (ie: Cooking XP lamps for a quest about cooking, Mining/Smithing XP lamps for a quest about mining and smithing)

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I guess skill specific xp is given when a certain skill is actually used in a quest - Chef's Assistant for instance had given cooking xp. Desperate Times for instance had a divination, mining and smithing requirement, but none of the skills were actually used - making them all artificial requirements for non-ironmen.

Violet is Blue probably would be a quest, which hadn't given a xp reward at all if it was released at some point in RSC/RS2. Needle Skips likewise - albeit I guess it would've given generic xp anyway.

Curse of the Black Stone probably could've given a generous chunk of combat and dungeoneering xp, but since it has no requirements they likely have given out generic, level dependent xp lamps to prevent another thing that was fairly prominent in RSC - a xp drop, which likely would have allowed you to skip the first 40 levels in the skills featured.
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