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Some of us still enjoy playing using the fixed window graphics... Can you bring it back? These unnecessarily huge screen settings only hurt my eyes and it sucks

04-Mar-2019 16:58:20 - Last edited on 04-Mar-2019 17:03:44 by Baddest

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Is there no way to get it to go back? I just looked at it, logged back out and decided "I'm tired, I'll try and fix that later". Do we really have to just deal with weird everything big format?

04-Mar-2019 19:05:12

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Only way I found that's close to fixed is going into layout settings and clicking and dragging the game window smaller(not normal window), and putting the interfaces in the black space depending on what your doing etc.

Support, but I don't think JaGeX can add fixed again with so many interfaces etc, maybe with a way to compact interfaces better :)

04-Mar-2019 19:56:50

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Yeah, well I hardly play nowadays anyways, but after todays update I am far less motivated to log in from now on. I simply refuse to use this new interface, and even after attempting to make it look as old-school as possible, I just cant get it close enough for it to satisfy me. In my books, this is just about the worst update after the removal of eoc, but like I said, I hardly play anymore, so its not too big of a deal for me. @Sytosiini

04-Mar-2019 20:55:49

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This seriously needs to be brought back. The fixed interface is what i started with and kept playing with. My sweet beloved classic fixed interface, taken away from me. If this doesn't get fixed, the only solution seems to be going to a RSPS. :@

04-Mar-2019 21:01:14

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