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They aren't releasing minigames to be forgotten about later.
They are trying to maintain a new stylistic standard.
They aren't releasing stuff as buggy as they were 10 years ago.

You are right, i miss more content releases. Exclude tle and mtx and patches and we aren't really getting some of that "mix of releases" they polled us on a few years ago.

That also said, you are free to leave..
Jagex clearly isn't going to change. And your expectations in this relationship clearly are not being met.
Ranting won't help any more than a placebo effect and a jmod usual "we hear you" comment.

You are addicted to the game.

Take the lack of content releases as what it should be: break the habit. Break the cycle. Leave..

You clearly don't work at Jagex. You lack the money to buy it. So you can't change this from within.
A single post on the forums won't change things either.
You are unlikely to cause any sort of revolution on the forums either (better off doing that on Reddit).

Send the only message you can. Take your time, money, and interest elsewhere.
You will feel better for it in the long run.

12-Aug-2019 18:51:05



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To be honest, i think part of our prob is boredom.

I'm not getting into mtx.

At this stage, we haven't had much in the way of released gameplay.
Anachronia? Ok it counts.
Bank update? Technical update. QoL. Still pushed back.
Weapon diversity? Scrapped in beta.
A few pseudo things. But more afk or adding to the grind.

Survey talks about more 120s or a new skill.

Boring? Depressing? Especially during summer.

On top of RS3 mobile over a year behind schedule. (Afk anywhere?)

I'm sure some of you are tuning into Runefests presentation on what is to come over the next 3 to 12 months not with the usual excitement ... But rather as the final answer to the question if you stick around.

If the talked about stuff doesn't mesh with your current gameplay ... I'm expecting quite a few more people to walk or take a long break.

30-Sep-2019 18:10:02

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