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We're getting another DotD event this year, right? I don't think the Jmods ever mentioned it being annual but.... I mean cmon, it's a Halloween event. We have Halloween every year, might as well give us some zombies to cut down.

I really wish a year-round version could be figured out....

Anyway, what does everyone think will be different this year? Any improvements that should be made?

... any JMods able to confirm the event returning for this year? Maybe?

07-Aug-2018 16:47:58



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Why must it happen every year?

It was noice as a one-off thing but making it annually would defeat the purpose in ppl winning the first year for the special cosmetics.

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I liked the idea behind it and found some aspects of it super fun. But, I'd only really support it coming back if it offered new cosmetics/titles/rewards. Offering the same as last year would lessen the value of the unique rewards given to those who took part in it.

The only real gripe I had of it would be how the final was handled. If they could iron out the bugs associated with that, it would be better.

I suppose thinking about it, more could be done to encourage people away from camping Falador's North Gate too.


07-Aug-2018 18:08:18

Uncle Pob

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The problem with these kind of things is participation and hype.

DOTD suffered numerous technical faults right from the start, and the finale was about as controversial as they get: masses of legitimate finalists were instantly killed by random poison gas before the final even officially started, and then to compound the problem they didn't even properly lock-down the final to finalists-only - a large number of players were there who hadn't earned their place, and a huge amount of cheating occurred when people started to abuse that bug by having alt accounts collect stockpiles of starter supplies to help the main...

But events like that rarely go without a hitch, and even OSRS and it's Deadman Mode tournaments have been filled with that kind of controversy. IIRC that was when accusations that a JMod and his clan were DDOSing other players and clans started to be made.

Maybe Deadman Mode 2018 was a dull retread of the 2017 tournament, or maybe people expected that some kind of controversy would have more of an impact than player skill, but participation, hype and interest in Deadman 2018 was a shadow of it's former self, and if OSRS wasn't as popular as it is, the 2018 tournament would have failed hard.

So if Deadman on OSRS has fallen from grace by only it's second year, what hope does RS3's Dimension of the Damned have?

07-Aug-2018 23:54:23

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Konota said:
Ew. That stuff was so broken, unfair for some and terribly designed.
IMO, ditch that piece of content.
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08-Aug-2018 14:46:46

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