God World Event Continuation?

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Highly unlikely.

From a technical dev perspective, they already mentioned it was too much work for too little return.

Some players hated it because they didn't get to choose their narrative. It was solely decided by popularity contest.

Some players hated it because the pairings were relatively random.

Some players hated it simply because the side they wanted to win didn't.

WE3 burned out some people because it felt like it was rushed and then abandoned as the devs went to work on Mazcab.

The future of events will be closer to what we saw with "Invasion of Falador", "Invasion of Port Sarim", and 2018 H'ween thing.
Smaller scale borrowing from pre-existing resources as much as possible. With the lore being very tight so that if things don't swing a certain way, Jagex can just ignore it or hand wave or the "loss" would be nothing more than a slap on the wrist ... not a "oh no, the world is going to be royally messed over" a la Tuska.

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And look at it this way: why have an all out war?

Several thousand years, you had gods literally walking among you. At the same time, you had an all out war that completely ravaged the land (just look at the Wilderness).
Then 1 day, the gods are all gone.
The wars sort of stopped.

Then thousands of years pass since the god wars.
Civilizations are built. Trade. Commerce. The thoughts of what happened before faded.

Then, the gods return?

It's easy to whip people up into a frenzy of sort. At least to have them shout "down with the [god faction]"
But people still remember history. They know what happened last time.

In the 5th and 6th Age ... you have commerce. Industry. Magical studies.
So much going on in the name of progress.

In addition, each kingdom had it's own issues:
- Misthalin was always guarding against Morytania
- Asgarnia was split between the Kinshra, White Knights and Burthrope
- Burthrope and Keldagrim were always fighting against the trolls
- The Gnomes were busy with Khazard's army and the monkeys and a cold war with Aprosondra
- The Elven kingdom had been splintered for centuries
- Menaphos and Al Kharid were in a cold war
- Ardougne had split the city into a quarantine
- Yanille was dealing with Ogres
Everywhere you went, cities and kingdoms were preoccupied with an already known threat. Diverting forces away to fight a god war meant opening up your prosperous city/kingdom to a very legit threat.

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