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I have been saying since the first proposal of the Warding skill... You don't need a new skill to add new mechanics.

Warding mechanics basically fall under: Magic, Crafting, and Smithing.

If people want the new proposed items and stuff: that's fine!

Break down platebodys for resources? Cool!

Upgrade legacy magic gear? That's cool too!

But, the proposed mechanics do not warrant the introduction of a whole new skill... imo.

Just introduce "warding" mechanics as efficient, novel, and engaging ways to get xp in existing skills relevant to the action... i.e. Magic, Crafting, and Smithing.

Thanks for reading, please comment and upvote or whatever so this post can get some attention.
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18-Apr-2019 19:11:05

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They could still find a way to make it worth adding as a new skill, but yeah, as the design is at the moment, I would be voting no for it as well. :P
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18-Apr-2019 19:16:10

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