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Hello Jagex,

To be honest I am actually pretty excited about this new skill for OSRS. For years we have crafted Armour out of metals, leather, dragon hide. But we have never been able to craft mage armour and I've always wanted to know how it was made. So this is a great idea, but I have some thoughts so here we go.

If this skill gets put into place, then I would like to see current mage gear we have, not be dropped or get from NPC's, GE fine yeah sure why not. But I like to see that armour mainly be crafted. Not only that I'd love to see a ton of new gear added, being able to make from either from rare material drops or farming them. Another thing I'd like to possible see if Warding specific enemies? That drops them rare materials. All and all I would love to see a lot more mage gear added along with this. There is a ton that can be done with this skill if done correctly. So I love the idea of this skill and it would get be a cool thing!


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We can already create mage armor with crafting + runecrafting.

But warding does seem to have other interesting aspects to it. Apparently it can be also used to dissasemble armor into craft materials and allows ring imbuing.

Whatever the case is I think it has some cool ideas that could be transferred to RS3 via already existing skills, like divination or magic.

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