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first Great work on the Login Screen Jagex!
but i was wondering now that you guys made it possible to choose the bagground for our favorite login screen, is there a way to get back the animated login screen? i remember it was active right about when HD was released, around late 2008. when the login screen was animated, it was my favorite login screen is there any chance you guys would take it up to consideration to make it so people who want it can choose that!
now with all those new bosses and arenas it would be so Smooth and cool to see also it would make the game more alive even on the idle side
it would be awsome to have something to pick rather than the normal stall pictures :)

05-Dec-2017 14:31:21

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IIRC they said they were going to try to re-implement (and that's partially why we can select our own backgrounds now) but there were no promises.
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05-Dec-2017 15:58:14

Uncle Pob

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It was indeed an impressive login screen.

It absolutely should be considered for a return at some point - but now it's the right time: since the game's a lot more demanding these days than it was in 2008, and due to various issues with the client, attempting to use that login screen today would be massively tarnished by the issues surrounding slow texture loading.

The camera would be half way through it's pan across an area before the textures pop in an things look as they should. Then shortly after, the texture problems would happen again when a different location is shown.

When the texture problems are solved, then absolutely - this login screen must return, but not until then.

19-Dec-2017 02:14:06

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I posted on Reddit a looooong time ago about the animated login screen, and one JMod (idr who :/ ) seemed interested, but it seemed like it would be quite a bit of work. I would, however, admit that I 100% want to see it return to show off new areas.

@Ivory, Omg yes. Honestly, someone should go, through during their TAPP time or something, and toss in all the old banners (there might need to be a filter by year, tho, because there's bound to be more than we think).

20-Dec-2017 18:57:24

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