Perma Ring of Charos effect?

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Some spoilers ahead.

After Desperate Times, you get the chance to finally speak with Charos.

There is 1 line of dialogue that caught my eye:
But it has taken me several lifetimes to master my art and I won't give you a headache by trying to teach you it all now.

There is another line of dialogue:
I made the ring there. Quite early in my career.

The Ring of Charos, even activated, is one of his most basic creations.
Now, the effects aren't all that extreme or game breaking. Excluding uses in quests, we can:
- get access to the werewolf agility course
- some free cheap boat trips
- reduced prices on magic carpets and charter vessels
- reduced prices on skill capes
- a few shop keepers will give you a few more gp for items
- plus a few other tidbits or unlocking bits of lore

Now, one of the other things we've seen Jagex do is little quality of life bits.
In the Sliske quest line, with some other requirements met, you gain the ability to see into the Shadow Realm without the need to use the Ring of Visibility.
You also no longer need the amulet of ghostspeak after completing the Morytania Hard tasks.
With the Pirate quest series, you reach a point to where you can talk to pirates without the book of piracy.

Again, these are these little things that remove your need to use an item to interact with game content.

So perhaps, later in the quest series, we could get Charos to show us how to use his version of enchanting so we no longer need the Ring of Charos to get people to have that gut instinct to trust us.
... and maybe... devs will sneak in a few more little benefits or a few more cost savings.
All without having to wear a piece of jewelry.

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