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Some comments/observations/critiques:

1) In the future, can we get like the 1-2 page proto design document for some of the ideas?
Maybe not for "quest continuation" ideas.
But be helpful for some of the ideas like why you want to try to change the Wildy back to Forinthy or the Cow/Chicken elite dungeon.
On 1 hand, it would make you think thru if the idea actually has merit.
At the same time, give us a better idea of what to expect, not assume.
The "must haves" of the concept (ie: graphical rework, QoL improvements, etc) , then the "might haves" (related to the area, but not 100% going to go in), then the "nice to haves" (peripheral stuff like the Bell Towers in Priff idea).

2) can we get some elaboration on what you have in store for the 120 ideas?
Personally, I'm not in favor of them. but it would be nice to know what you have in mind before we out right support or reject them.

3) Please grow up and out your foot down when it comes to certain pieces of content.
We get it ... you don't want to extend certain quest lines because "the player base blah blah blah".
The devs who worked on them are no longer at Jagex.
You don't do as many quests as you used to.
You're doing like the issue with minigames and constantly pursuing newer storylines and ignoring the old ones.
Bleeping admit that you're not going to do some of the old quest lines and find a simple way to conclude them.
Elemental Workshop for example, just add some lore books ... some diaries. Tell the last few chapters that way. You could do that for less work than a single bottle quest.
Same with other offbeat lore that you may have "ideas" for .. but again, lack dev resources/time. Black Ibis history for example.

You can't keep pointing to the player base as "the problem" when you yourselves refuse to do something about it as well.
If the player base and resources aren't there ... fine ... admit it. Don't procrastinate because of it.

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