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Runefest 2019 is coming up and it is the time of year to get read for spoilers.

Compared to years past, we should temper our expectations on what gets revealed.
Previous events, they tossed out a whole load of big ideas, but few would end up developed. With only this year, concepts like The Ambassador, "Fossil Island", and dinosaurs getting released in game, along with the expected continuation of things like the Dragonkin and Elder god story lines post Sliske's Endgame.

Last year, Jagex played it relatively safe, only talking about content that they knew were going to go live. Part of the lack of 'reveals' was that some of it was predictable. Like the Mining and Smithing rework which had been in dev for quite some time and the continuation of the Elite Dungeons. Though getting a sneak peak at the Ambassador as the 'big bad' for ED3 was a bit of a surprise unto itself.

We should also expect for the Weapon Diversity and Bank Rework to be live some time before or around Runefest. At worst, we would probably get some technical explanation if there are more delays with a better planned release time if launch is after Runefest.

All that said, what do you think will be revealed at 2019's Runefest?

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Personal thoughts:

- Sequel to Desperate Times, likely titled Desperate Measures

- Sneak peaks at the Halloween and Christmas events

- some graphical update, either NPC or small area, though not necessarily another city

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My biggest hope would be a new skill, since it's around that time, if history is taken into account. My other hope would be skill reworks. Maybe Woodcutting/Fletching.

In reality, I don't expect much anymore. The bar has been significantly lowered this year. So, as long as it isn't more exploitative microtransactions, I'll take mostly anything.
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So I have this theory. Remember when they released Menaphos and said they had two “expansion sized” updates down the line? Then after the drama of Menaphos they shelved them? I don’t think they really shelved the updates. I think they said that to appease the playerbase. So the first expansion was obviously Menaphos, second was Anachronia and third will be.....?

Archeon? The clues have all been laid out for us. With the RuneScape CD they introduced some new songs: Snowdrop, Aurora, and Born to do This 2. What does all that have in common? Fremeniks and Relleka.

I also have a suspicion that they’ll be releasing the 4th and final Elite Dungeon. They hinted at Floor 61 in the last annual survey. And with the Xau-Tak storyline building up to a climax we can expect the finale soon.

I’d also expect some sort of teaser or update on Shauny’s Next Gen “accidental” leak. I’m 90% sure that wasn’t an accident. It sounds like a new game engine to me.

We’re also overdue for a skill and Jagex knows how popular that’d be among the players. Or perhaps a skill rework. If that sounds the case I’d expect either summoning, construction or crafting (in the same line as M&S rework).

And those are just a few of the things that keep we awake at night in anticipation for RuneFest. Wish I could go :(. It’s like a $3k plane ticket there and back. Fml
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New skill, it is a pretty safe guess, although it may be announced before Runefest.

Release of RS3 Mobile, although it is technically not a RS3 content update.

XXL project to be released in the first quarter of 2020.

Elder Gods quests/lore featuring dragonkin.

A lot of Anachronia updates.

Other updates that are likely to come next year, and may be revealed in Runefest:

Armor Diversities.

Construction rework.

POP Underwater expansion.

ED4 (and maybe ED5).

Skilling boss (personally I'll rather don't have such a boss if its mechanics is as non-existing as Zalcano.

Bank rework 2 among other "shelved" ideas due to the engine team being tied up by other non-rs3 requirements. For instance, Group Ironman and Skilling Off-hand.

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Rs mobile goes live after stage presentation.

More info on bank rework and weapon diversity. Ext Plans announced for Armour diversity (will likely get scrapped or delayed)

New expansion area announced possibly Acheron.

Three new quests probably desperate measures like you mention, a new quest Daves been working on and one other.

New slayer monster/s
New boss

New mtx.

If we’re lucky a new skill.

08-Aug-2019 08:38:10

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Maybe pvp/wildy rework too?

Like the safedeath or limited loss mechanism where players killed drop only the gp they need to reclaim their gear from Death but not everything (except the few protected) they carry and wear.

08-Aug-2019 16:05:47

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