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Runefest 2019 is coming up and it is the time of year to get read for spoilers.

Compared to years past, we should temper our expectations on what gets revealed.
Previous events, they tossed out a whole load of big ideas, but few would end up developed. With only this year, concepts like The Ambassador, "Fossil Island", and dinosaurs getting released in game, along with the expected continuation of things like the Dragonkin and Elder god story lines post Sliske's Endgame.

Last year, Jagex played it relatively safe, only talking about content that they knew were going to go live. Part of the lack of 'reveals' was that some of it was predictable. Like the Mining and Smithing rework which had been in dev for quite some time and the continuation of the Elite Dungeons. Though getting a sneak peak at the Ambassador as the 'big bad' for ED3 was a bit of a surprise unto itself.

We should also expect for the Weapon Diversity and Bank Rework to be live some time before or around Runefest. At worst, we would probably get some technical explanation if there are more delays with a better planned release time if launch is after Runefest.

All that said, what do you think will be revealed at 2019's Runefest?

07-Aug-2019 04:00:39

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